Favourite Cowboy/Wild West Movies

When I was a kid growing up in Salisbury, Rhodesia, I had a lot of comics, and the ones I loved the most were the Classics and the Wild West comics. That has influenced me all my life. I often wondered why my parents didn’t live in America where everything was exciting. Later in life, I discovered that the guy who wrote the Ben Hur story lived in the wild west during the time of Billy the Kid. If the wild west was so exciting, how he didn’t write about it? Also, the guy who wrote the Tarzan stories lived in the wild west. So I guess it really wasn’t so exciting after all, but it has been made exciting by the writers, the artists and the movie makers.

1. Jesse James (Henry Fonda) 1939

2. The true story of Jesse James (Robert Wagner)

3. The last of the fast guns

4. The Nevadan

5. Albuquerque (1948) Randolph Scott

6. Yuma (Clint Walker)

7. Broken Arrow (1950) James Stewart

8. The Lone Gun (1954)

9. High Lonesome (1950)

10. The Gunfight at Dodge City (1959)

11. White Feather

12. The Virginian (1946)

13. Custer of the West

I will add more movies as time goes by. “Happy trails to you!”

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Favourite Rugby Games

When I was at school, this was my favourite sport, which I now watch on line, so I have decided to do a post on my favourite rugby games. My last rugby game ended at the age of 24, when I got wrecked, and after that I quit my job and went out singing for Jesus. But I still love watching rugby. Sorry to see so many guys getting hurt. To me it was a game, but to some people it is like a war.

“When the Great Scorer comes to write against your name, He will not write whether you won or lost, but how you played the game.” I remember one of my English teachers at high school saying that. I think he was quoting from some famous British poet. I don’t care who wins or loses, I just enjoy the game.

England vs France Feb 1 2014 full

Eng vs NZ  first test June 8  2014  full

Eng vs NZ second test June 14 2014 full

Eng vs NZ third test June 21 2014 full

Eng vs Barbarians June 4 2014 full

Eng vs Ireland Feb 24 2014 full

Eng vs Wales Mar 11 2014 full


Super Rugby 2014

Sharks vs Highlanders July 19 2014 Highlights 5 mins

Sharks vs Bulls Feb 15 2014 Highlights 8 mins

Sharks vs Blues May 23 2014 full

Sharks vs Stormers May 31 2014  full

Sharks vs Crusaders May 30 2014 full

Sharks vs Brumbies Mar 23 2014  full


Highlanders vs Bulls  April 18 2014 full

Highlanders vs Hurricanes  Mar 26 2014 full

Highlanders  vs Blues Feb 22 2014  Highlights  8 min


Blues vs Chiefs July 11 2014 full

Blues vs Crusaders Feb 28 2014 Highlights 8 mins

Reds vs Cheetahs Mar 8 2014 Highlights 8 mins

Crusaders vs Chiefs Feb 23 2014  full


Chiefs vs Stormers Mar 14 2014 Highlights 10 mins

Rebels vs Cheetahs Feb 28 2014 Highlights 7 mins

Hurricanes vs Brumbies Mar 7 2014 Highlights 7 mins


Lions vs Blues  Mar 26 2014   full

Blues vs Cheetahs   Mar 26 2014    full

Hurricanes vs Cheetahs   Mar 20 2014   full

Rebels vs Cheetahs   Mar 6 2014    full


South Africa vs Wales test 1 Highlights June 14 2014  5 min

South Africa vs Wales  test 1  June 14 2014 full

South Africa vs Wales  test 2   June 22 2014  full

South Africa vs Scotland  test 3  June 29 2014  full

South Africa vs Australia Sept 28 2013 full

South Africa vs Fiji Mar 24 2014 rugby 7’s Highlights 4 min

South Africa  vs NZ  rugby 7’s Jan 26 2014 Highlights 3 min

South Africa vs NZ  Sept 21 2013 full

South Africa vs Argentina  Aug 27 2013  full


USA vs Scotland  June 8 2014  full

USA vs Canada  June 23 2014 full


Australia vs France   June 19  2014  full


Argentina vs Ireland  test 1  June 7 2014  full

Argentina vs Ireland  test 2  Jun 15 2014   full


Ireland vs Italy  Mar 9 2014  full


France vs Ireland  Mar 16 2014  full


Wales vs France  Feb 21 2014  full


Scotland vs Italy  Feb 13 2013  full


Australia vs France  test 3   June 21 2014  full


Canada vs Scotland   June 15 2014  full


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Favourite Love Songs by Frank Sinatra

Frank Sinatra sang a lot of my mother’s favourite love songs, and they bring back a lot of memories of my childhood.

1. My Way

Somebody told me once that during one of Frank Sinatra’s concerts that he said he was going to sing the National Anthem, and he sang this one!

2. Just the way you look tonight

This one takes me way back to my childhood when my mother sang this at home in Greendale, Salisbury, Rhodesia. “Keep that breathless charm.”

3. New York, New York

Some years back when I sang in New York, I heard this one on the radio, and I wondered if it is one of New York’s favourite love songs, and if they play it every day there?

4. Something Stupid (with Nancy)

They sing so good together. Wow.

5. Strangers in the night – My Favourite Love Song by Frank Sinatra

I remember doing night shift at the Thornhill Air Force base in the sixties, and hearing this one on the radio.

6. South of the Border

I first heard my mother singing this one. Some years back I used to sing at Portal Village, and someone requested this song, so I borrowed a Frank Sinatra tape from the library, and learnt the words. So this became one of my favourite love songs.

7. As time goes by

I always associate this one with being at the back door of the house, and my mother singing it. I guess she was singing in the kitchen. “A case of do or die.” “The world will always welcome lovers.” So many of those words still stick in my brain. “Love songs – never out of date.” Isn’t that so true?

8. Always (and When I lost you)

I can so clearly hear my mother singing this one. As I listened to “Always” I remembered the words, so I want to check this one as one of my favourite love songs. “Things may not be fair, always.”

9. Cheek to cheek

My mother must have been a big fan, because I often heard this one.

10. Chicago – My kind of town

It looks like a pretty scary place to me!

11. For once in my life

It is so important to find someone.

12. Got you under my skin

I have often heard this one on the radio.

13. Begin the Beguine

Here’s another one my mother used to sing.

14. Night and day

As I was getting these songs ready, it struck me how romantic his songs are.

15. It had to be you

It had to be you even with your faults. We all have them.

16. I’ll be seeing you

Years ago I played in an old timers band and this was one of them that they used to play.

17. I wish you love

The words are so lovely.

18. Summer Wind

I remember riding in the taxi and hearing this one.

19. You make me feel so young

Wow. What lovely words.

20. You’ll never walk alone

Frank Sinatra singing for George Bush.

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Favourite Love Songs by Buck Owens

Buck Owens was not on the hit parade in my country, but I saw him on TV in America, in a show called Hee Haw. However, he does sing some of my favourite love songs.

1. Together again (with Don Rich)

Lovely music.

2. Streets of Bakersfield

I have never been there.

3. Tiger by the tail

I remember hearing this song on the radio in Bulawayo during the 60′s, but I never knew it was Buck Owens singing it.

4. Act naturally

I heard my brother singing this song, and I think he heard it from the Beatles. It was only when we came to North America, that I found out that it was Buck Owens who did it before the Beatles. This too, is one of my favourite love songs.

5. My heart skips a beat

Girls can do crazy things to mens hearts.

6. Under your spell again

Sometimes a little girl can twist a big man around her little finger.

7. Loves gonna live here

I remember lending a tape of this song from the library. One of my favourite loves songs by Mr. Buck Owens.

8. Don’t let her know

He is forcing his mouth to smile. I had to do a photo shoot once after getting a bad letter from my ex girlfriend, and I found it so difficult to try and smile for the camera.

9. Crying time – My Favourite Love Song by Buck Owens

I heard this one on Martin Locke’s radio programme from England, back in the 60′s, and it is still one of my favourite love songs. Thank you Mr. Buck Owens.

10. Open up your heart

Let my love come in.

11. I don’t care just as long as you love me

It looks like this is taken from the Hee Haw Show.

12. Before you go

He still loves her.

13. Put a quarter in the juke box

The juke box is a big thing in some places in the States.

14. Dust on Mother’s Bible

This is posted to make you think about your Mother and how you need to get your life right with God old chap!

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The Andrews Sisters

The Andrews Sisters sang some of my mother’s favourite love songs.

1. Don’t sit under the apple tree with anyone else but me

When I was a little boy, I remember hearing my mother sing this song in the kitchen, while I was playing outside with my toys. She lived during the second world war.

2. Boogie woogie bugle boy of Company B

I often hear this song on the radio. We never had that when I did military training.

3. The Andrews Sisters and Dean Martin

The last sister Patty, died last month. January 30, 2013.

4. Mr. Bass Man

We heard J.D.Sumner sing bass at the Elvis show, and out seats rattled because the notes were so low.

5. Alexander’s ragtime band

They sold about 75 million records.

6. Chatanooga choo choo

I think Chatanooga is in Tennessee.

7. Oh Johnny Oh

I guess The Andrews Sisters were a bit hit during the war.

8. Begin the Beguine

I remember hearing my mother sing this one.

9. Pennsylvania Polka

The whole story on The Andrews Sisters.

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Al Martino – Favourite Love Songs

At the present moment, Al Martino is my favourite singer of favourite love songs. Some years back I bought three of his records, and transferred them to a cassette tape. Sometimes when I help out with the dishes, I love to play music in the background, because it makes it so much easier. So for the past few months I have been playing Al Martino, and I just love his singing, music and feeling. Some of the songs, I can’t find on the net, but I have put on as many as I could, in case you haven’t heard him before. One of the songs I couldn’t find, the words go something like this: “Why is love so cruel, why can’t it be like love songs tell, where boy meets girl and wins her heart for life?”

Blue Spanish eyes

I have heard this song a few times on the radio in Canada. I have a record of Charlie Rich singing the same song. It is so beautiful.

Mary in the morning

This is another beautiful love song about a beautiful woman.

Strangers in the night

I am trying to first put on his “live” performances, and this of course is a beautiful number.

Somewhere my love

This is an old movie title, but he does it nice.

Here in my heart

He has a way of singing that touches my old crusty heart.

I love you because

This is the very first song I heard by Al Matino, and it is also one of my favourite love songs I heard by Jim Reeves. I was working in security at Dorbyl steel factory in Germiston, when heard it on the radio back in about 1990. I love the music, the feeling, and the high harmony sung by the girl singers.

Crying time

At the moment this is one of my favourite love songs that I sing in my room. I get the guitar and sing this one and “I can’t stop loving you.” I first heard this song on the radio in Bulawayo, on the Martin Locke show from England back in the sixties. He said it was top of the hit parade in Israel. I think it was sung by Buck Owens. I public, I always seem to sing beaty songs, but on my own, I sing real slow songs with lots of feeling.

I love you more and more every day – My Favourite Love Song by Al Martino

To me this one is so beautiful: “The day you made those tender vows beside.” Do yourself a favour and listen to this one.

This is my song

I think I have heard this one before on the radio by Petula Clark.

Make the world go away

I first heard this one by Jim Reeves, then by Eddy Arnold.

My foolish heart

This is very interesting. He says there is a fine line drawn between love and fascination. Anyone can get carried away in the moonlight, in a romantic setting. Beware my foolish heart!

Forgive me

This one touches my heart very deeply. I had trouble forgiving my mother for the things she said about me. Al Martino says: “We all make mistakes now and then.” As I look back at my life, I see all the mistakes I have made, yet at the time, I did what I thought was right.

You don’t know me

The first time I heard this one was on the Elvis Presley movie “Clambake.” Since then I have heard it on the radio by Ray Charles.

No one will ever know

The mystery of secret love. So many hearts have been broken. Today I noticed someone was looking for a song by Bles Bridges where he sings: “I cry myself to sleep, and wake up smiling.” I think this is the song you are looking for.

Till then my love

Another romantic love song.

Yesterday, when I was young

Another very touching lesson in life.


When my wife saw me watching this song, she wanted the link. We loved being in Israel, and she loved the movie starring Paul Newman.

The wheel of hurt

In the Bible it says that what we sow we will reap. So don’t hurt anybody, or it will come back to haunt you.

I’ll hold you in my heart till I can hold you in my arms

“So Darling, please wait for me.” What a lovely song.

I don’t see me in your eyes anymore

We all need love.

Painted, tainted Rose

This is one of the lovely numbers on the records that I have.

Vaya Con Dios

Lots of singers do this one.

Am I losing you?

This was written by Jim Reeves, but I love Al Martino’s version of it more. I really touches my heart strings, and I find myself singing it over and over again in my mind. “Will the sweet things you do, be for somebody new?” This is definitely one of my favorite love songs. Goodbye, and God bless ya’ll.

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McGuire Sisters

The McGuire Sisters sing a couple of my favourite love songs, so I would like to share some with you.

1. Sugartime

This must have been a hit when I was a kid, because I remember this song from my childhood.

2. Dean Martin and The McGuire Sisters

It seems like they were very popular in the old days.

3. Perry Como and their gold record

A lot of fun with The McGuire Sisters.

4. Sincerely

Another one of their hits.

5. 2004 PBS Special

It seems like a lot of singers sing all their life.

6. May you always

This song has beautiful words. “May you always be a dreamer.”

7. Around the world

Another beautiful song.

8. Just for old time sake

Sometimes I wish I could turn back the pages 0f time.

9. Give me love


10. Red River Valley

When I was a teenager, this was one of my favorite love songs, and it is done nicely by The McGuire Sisters.

11. Picking Sweethearts

Some of these songs I had never heard before.

12. Goodnight Sweetheart Goodnight

I think I might have heard this song before by Sha Na Na, but I keep thinking about that last line.

13. He

I had a record of this song by Glen Campbell.

14. Open up your heart

I remember this song from when I was young.

15. Singing with their parents

On a TV show singing: “God will take care of you.”

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Without the songwriters, we wouldn’t have the favourite love songs, so I have a special admiration for the people who started the ball rolling. I am going to share with you some of the people I am familiar with from my generation.

1. Chuck Berry

I think of songs like: Memphis Tennessee and The Promised Land. Tremendous songs.

2. Gordon Lightfoot

Songs like: Ribbon of Darkness, Sundown, and Did she mention my name?

3. Dolly Parton

Songs like: Coat of many colors, 9 to 5, and I honestly love you.

4. Jerry Reed

A song like: Guitar Man, that I heard on an Elvis record.

5. Cindy Walker

She wrote so many good songs, like: Across the bridge, Distant drums, In the misty moonlight, Rosa Rio, You don’t know me, and Sweet dream baby.

6. Harlan Howard

He wrote: Heartaches by the number.

7. Hank Cochran

Songs like: Make the world go away, and A little bitty tear.

8. Johnny Cash

He wrote a lot of songs, like: I walk the line, Give my love to Rose, and Are all the children in?

9. Willie Nelson

Some I think of are: Crazy, Funny how time slips away, and Family Bible.

10. Scott Wiseman

He wrote one of my favourite love songs: Have I told you lately that I love you?

11. Marty Robbins

Some of his songs are: El Paso, You gave me a mountain, and My woman my woman my wife.

12. Felice and Boudleaux Bryant

They wrote some hit songs for the Everly Brothers, like: Bye bye love, Wake up Little Susie, and All I have to do is dream.

13. Buddy Holly

He was a co-writer of songs like: That’ll be the day, Peggy Sue, and True love ways.

14. The Beatles

John Lennon and Paul McCartney were the main writers, of songs like: Love me do, She loves you, Hey Jude, and Yesterday.

15. Mel Tillis

My favourite love songs that he wrote are: Detroit City, and Ruby.

16.  Kris Kristofferson

Check: Me and Bobby McGee, and Why me Lord?

17. Larry Gatlin

All the gold in California, and Help me.

18. Jimmy Davis

Check out: You are my sunshine, and Three rusty nails

19. Leon Payne

A big one: I love you because.

20. Hank Williams

Your cheating heart, Hey good looking, I saw the light, and Cold cold heart.

21. Bob Dylan

Check: Blowing in the wind, and The times they are a changing.

22. Simon and Garfunkel

Paul Simon wrote songs like: Homeward bound, Bridge over troubled waters, and Mrs. Robinson.

23. Don Foster – Play with me Daddy

I have written a few songs too, so here is one of my personal favourite love songs. My other songs can be found at this address:   http://favorite-love-songs.com/?cat=136

There are so many songwriters, and a few that come to my mind are: Taylor Swift, Justin Beiber, and Billy Joel.

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Singers who changed their names

There seem to be a lot of singers who changed their names. I have made a list of some of them that I am familiar with.

1. John Wayne – Marion Robert Morrison

2. Marilyn Monroe – Norma Jeane Mortenson

3. Roy Rogers – Leonard Franklin Slye

4. Doris Day – Doris von Kappelhoff

5. Conway Twitty – Harold Lloyd Jenkins

6. Cliff Richard – Harry Rodger Webb

7. Engelbert Humperdink – Arnold George Dorsey

8. Tex Ritter – Woodward Maurice Ritter

9. Tom Jones – Thomas John Woodward

10. Patsy Cline – Virginia Patterson Hensley

11. Jim Reeves – James Travis Reeves

12. Marty Robbins – Martin David Robinson

13. Dean Martin – Dino Paul Crocetti

14. Frank Sinatra – Francis Albert Sinatra

15. Connie Francis –  Concetta Rosa Maria Franconero

16 Debbie Reynolds – Mary Frances Reynolds

17. Bobby Darin – Walden Robert Cassotto

18. Fabian – Fabiano Anthony Forte

19. Pat Boone – Charles Eugene Boone

20. Hank Williams – Luke the Drifter – Hiriam King Williams

21. Hank Snow – Clarence Eugene Snow

22. Elton John – Reginald Kenneth Dwight

23. Shania Twain – Eilleen Regina Edwards

24. Patti Page – Clara Ann Fowler

25. Eminem – Marshall Bruce Mathers 111

26 Ringo Starr – Richard Starkey

27. Chuck Berry – Charles Edward Anderson

28. Fats Domino – Antione Dominique Domino Jr

29. Chubby Checker – Ernest Evans

30. Little Richard – Richard Wayne Penniman

31. Perry Como – Pierino Ronald Como

32. Gene Autry – Orvon Grover Autry

33. Gene Rockwell – Gert Smit

34. Lady Gaga  - Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta

35. Prince – Prince Rogers Nelson

36. Venetian Princess – Jodie Rivera

37. Bob Dylan – Robert Allen Zimmerman

38. Billy Joel – William Martin Joel

39. Lorne Greene – Lyon Himan Green

40. Pink – Alecia Beth Moore

41. MC Hammer – Stanley Kirk Burrell

42. Meat Loaf – Marvin Lee Aday

43. Red Sovine – Woodrow Wilson Sovine

Some of the information I had on these singers is not quite the same as what is on the internet, but it seems like a lot of singers changed their names. I supposed it helped their careers.

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South African Singers

This is one of my favorite love songs sung by a South African singer: “Darling it’s wonderful, to be in love with you.”

1. Virginia Lee – Darling it’s wonderful

I heard this song in Salisbury in the late 60′s and I could only remember the first part. It was so wonderful to find it on the internet last week. It is such a lovely love song. Thank you to whoever posted it.

2. Min Shaw – Ek is baie lief vir jou

I first heard Min sing at the Bulawayo Trade Fair. She was dancing around on the stage, with a long pony tail that was swirling around as she moved. She gave me a signed postcard, which I showed off at the work. Many years later we met her in Johannesburg. She is a very nice person.

3. Dickie Loader and the Blue Jeans – Sea of heartbreak

When I heard this song on the radio in Bulawayo, I longed to be in Durban. To hear the waves crashing in the beginning of the song was so exciting. Many years later in Canada I heard this song by Canadian and American singers. I guess a lot of the South African singers covered American hits.

4. Jeremy Taylor – Ag Pleez Deddy

This version has all the verses that I heard as a kid in Bulawayo. Some of those words we don’t use anymore. It is like when I came to Canada, I was used to the term ‘Cowboys and Indians’ but we are not allowed to say that anymore. They are ‘First Nation.’

5. Gene Rockwell – Heart

This was a hit song when I was a teenager in Bulawayo. Many years later I listened to him singing at Gold Reef City (I think). He sang ‘Some broken hearts never mend.’ When he came to the line: ‘But in the middle of loves embrace’ he laughed and sang: ‘I saw my wif’e’s face!’

6. Jody Wayne – Patches

I heard him singing at a shopping centre somewhere on the Rand, and promoting his records.

7. Barbara Ray – I need you (honest I do)

I saw her film in a cinema singing ‘I don’t wanna play house’ but I never saw her in person.

8. Bles Bridges – You

He was very popular. I saw him in a movie where the funny guy was fighting over the rose. He used to sing ‘Room full of roses’ and give a rose to certain women. In the movie a guy dresses up as a woman and wants a rose.

9. Gé Korsten – Liefling

He was very popular.

10. Four Jacks and a Jill – Jimmy come lately

I heard them in the large city hall in Bulawayo in the late 60′s. Many years later we met them in Germiston. She is a very nice lady.

11. Billy Forrest – Blue Train

When I was 18, Ruth Jennings played me a record of him singing ‘Burning Bridges behind me.’ I see he has aged a lot since the 60′s. I guess we all have.

12. Bobby Angel – Living on love

I remember seeing him on TV singing: ‘The fighting side of me.’

13. Gert Potgieter – Yellow Bird

The first time I heard this song was by this gentleman, then I later heard he died in a car accident.

14. Lance James – He stopped loving her today

I heard Lance sing: ‘Tennessee Waltz’ at a showground in Middelburg. I sent him a tape once of some of my songs, and he said he liked them. That was nice of him.

15. Des and Dawn Lindberg – 16 Rietfonteins

I was in Matopos doing survey work when I heard him on the radio singing : ‘Rambling Boy.’ Many years later I saw him at Damelin College where his son was doing school.

16. Heidi

This was a hit TV show back in the 70′s. Evrybody stopped what they were doing to watch it. It was like it captured the hearts of the people.

17. Al Debbo – Love came to stay

We have a movie where he acts as a funny man. He is hilarious. The guy playing the piano accordian is Nico Carstens. He was to South Africa as what Walter Ostanek is to polka music in Canada.

18. Charles Jacobie – Mocking Bird Song

I loved his singing when I heard him in Rhodesia. I remember reading about him in the Personality Magazine about how his wife made all his fancy western clothes.

19. Mickie Most – Johnny B. Goode

This song made a big impression on me when I was a teenager.  My brother told me that when they performed at the Bulawayo city hall, the kids went crazy over him. Some years later we met him on the street in Margate. He went back to England and managed many of the famous British pop singers.

20. Nick Taylor – Stille Rivierstroom

When I was in Gwelo, the young people were raving about him.

21. South African Singer – Carike Keuzenkamp – Trekliedjie

I remember seeing her on TV singing the Heidi song.

22. John Hitchcock – singer, piano player and preacher

John was originally from South Africa, but back in the 70′s John invited me to sing at his church in Fort Victoria. He later made a few LP records in South Africa. Since then he moved to the United States.

23. Yan Venter – singer and preacher

Jan (Yan in America) was originally from South Africa, but I met Yan in Fort Victoria and have one of his LP records in my possession. Dr. Yan now concentrates on preaching in America and around the world. A few years back, he invited me to come and sing at his meetings in the Bronx, New York.  It was a nice experience. Thanks Yan.

24. Don Foster – When you’re in love

I have decided to put myself down as a South African singer because I lived there for about eighteen years altogether, and wrote about a hundred songs there. This one I wrote while working as a security guard at Dorbyl steel factory in Germiston. It was on a weekend. It was a lovely warm day as I did a patrol around the grounds, I was longing to be with my wife and kids. Just like the song says, the sun was shining and there was a clear blue sky. The birds were singing, and so on.

Don Foster – It was the rapture

In 1976 we visited the USA, and in 1977 I had a dream one night, then the next morning I wrote the song. In America someone gave us a Chev Malibu, so that is why that car name was in the dream and the song. We were living at Elandshof in Germiston when I had the dream.

25. Pierre Van Staden

Many years ago I heard this man sing in a coffee bar in Cape Town, and he wrote one of the best songs I have ever heard.

There are so many South African singers, that I have just listed some of the ones that I am familiar with. Among the black people there are hundreds of groups, of many different languages.

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