Favourite love songs by Majella O’Donnell

Majella O’Donnell is the wife of Daniel O’Donnell. I have selected a few of my favourite love songs that she sings. I hope that some of them will be some of your favourite love songs too!

1. Eternal love – “live” with Daniel

There are very lovely words in this song.

2. Have I told you lately that I love you – “live” with Daniel

I heard my mother singing this favourite love song when I was little.

3. I love Ya Honey – “live”

4. Walking after midnight – “live”

In many parts of the world it would be very dangerous for Majella to walk around at midnight.

5. When I found you

6. Your cheating heart

7. You belong to me

8. Crazy

I am guessing that Majella O’Donnell is a fan of Patsy Cline, seeing that she sings so many of her songs.

9. Cliffs of Dooneen

10. You ain’t woman enough

11. Old flames – My favourite love song by Majella O’Donnell

12. Dreaming my dreams

Some very nice words in this song.

13. Burning memories

Majella O’Donnell knows how to get rid of the old memories.

14. I ain’t never

15. Harper Valley PTA

16. Please help me I’m falling

I heard this favourite love song when I was in my early teens, and was so shocked by the words.

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Jude in pictures – Don Foster (my own version) – Bible comics – Christian comics – free on line

About 40 years ago I did the Book of Jude in pictures, and I felt recently that I must try and do it again with better pictures. However, I am very much aware of the fact that my art is not very good.  So I prayed about it, and the idea popped into my head to superimpose my art over photographs. (At least the photos are okay!) I apologize for using a painting of Elvis that I did 45 years ago, but that is the best painting I have of any guy. My prayer is that these scriptures will touch someones heart, and that people will get saved. I did it originally in the old Bible version, but decided to update it to my kind of English.

Jude1 don Jude2 don Jude3 don Jude4 don Jude5 don Jude6 don Jude7 don Jude8 don Jude9 don Jude10 don Jude11 don Jude12 don Jude13 don Jude14 don Jude15 don Jude16 don Jude17 don Jude18 don Jude19 don Jude20 don jude21 don Jude22 don Jude23 don Jude24 don Jude25 don

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Favourite Love Songs by Daniel O’Donnell

Daniel O’Donnell has so many favourite love songs on the YouTube. I hope you enjoy his singing as much as I do.

1. Save the last dance for me – “live”

A very nice “live” performance. Very unusual.

2. Send me the pillow that you dream on

This song often runs through my head . I heard it back when I was a young teen.

3. How can I write on paper what I feel in my heart

Daniel O’Donnell takes me back to Jim Reeves.

4. There’ll never be anyone else but you for me

This one takes me back to Ricky Nelson. I often sing this favourite love song in my head while I am lying in bed.

5. Bye bye love

I remember singing this one at the rock band contest in Salisbury back in 1964.

6. Moonlight and roses

Jim Reeves memories.

7. Love is a beautiful song

This is still one of my favourite love songs.

8. Don’t forget to remember me

Memory is a wonderful thing.

9. Sings Jim Reeves – “live”

The people seem to love him.

10. Rivers of Babylon – “live”

One of the gospel songs I love.

11. Act naturally – Forever and ever – “live”

12. The green green grass of home

This is still one of my favourite love songs. When my son was little, I took him by his little hand and walked down to the river. In my mind I was singing this song all the time. A wonderful memory.

13. Me and Bobby McGee

The coal mines of Kentucky.

14. When Irish eyes are smiling –“live”

When I was a little boy growing up in Salisbury, Rhodesia, I heard my grandmother singing this song. I guess she must have been missing Ireland.

15. Could I have this dance for the rest of my life

A fantastic love song.

16. Wind beneath my wings – “live”

Such a lovely song.

17. You raise me up – “live”

I am grateful to people who have helped me.

18. Here I am Lord

19. Make me a channel of your peace

20. I watch the sunrise (close to You)

21. Danny Boy – “live”

A very touching song.

22. Beyond the rainbow’s end

23. Heaven with You

24. I need you (honest I do) – A favourite love song by Daniel O’Donnell

25. First appearance on British TV

26. Together again – “live”

27. Sings Elvis Presley – “live”

Daniel O’Donnell does these numbers well.

28. Wooden heart – “live”

29. Somewhere my love

30. Galway Bay – “live”

31. Blue eyes crying in the Rain

32. Never ending song of love

33. Follow your dream

34. I have a dream

35. Honey

36. Hello Darling

37. Don’t let me cross over

38. I just want to dance with you “live” – and – When hope dawns at sunrise

39. I love you because

40. Knock three times

41. Little arrows

42. Oh boy

43. Que sera sera

44. Roses are red “live”

45. Ring of fire “live”

46. Sweet Caroline

47.  Waltz across Texas

48. Walk through this world with me

49. We’ll meet again

50. I will think of you

51. Beyond the sunset – should you go first

52. My shoes keep walking back to you – “live”

53. Pretty paper

54. Everything is beautiful

55. Coat of many colours – “live”

56. Welcome to my world – “live”

57. Tennessee waltz – “live”

58. Am I losing you

59. Dream lover

60. Rose garden

61. It doesn’t matter anymore

62. The gift

63. Lay down beside me

64. Have I told you lately that I love you – with Majella O`Donnell – “live”

65. Don’t break my heart

66. Distant drums

67. Ob La Di and Blueberry Hill – “live”

68. Is this the way to Amarillo

69. Good luck charm

70. Fraulein/Red River Valley/Black Hills of Dakota – “live”

71. The Rose

72. Spanish eyes

73. Walk tall

74. Three steps to heaven

75. That’ll be the day – “live”

76. Red River Valley

77. Raindrops keep falling on my head

78. Home on the range

79. A little bitty tear

80. Cool water

81. South of the border

82. That’s amore – “live”

83. Edeleweiss

84. Travelling light

85. Young love

86. Blueberry Hill

87. When two worlds collide

88. Morning has broken

89. Thank God I’m a country boy

90. I’m going to be a country boy again

91. Someday you’ll want me to want you

Daniel O’Donnell sure has a way of delivering these wonderful songs. I also have a gospel site where I feature some of his gospel songs if you want to check it out:                                           countrygospelandbible.com




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Revelation in Pictures – by Don Foster – Bible Comics – Christian Comics – Free online

About twenty  years ago I did this black and white version of Revelation in pictures. I feel we are living in the end times, so I have put it up here with some coloured sky backgrounds to give it a bit more life. Maybe next year I will try and redo it in full colour. I would like to thank Andrew Spadzinski for supplying me the text that I used for the pictures. God bless, Don Foster.

web_rev_cover web_rev_page_001 web_rev_page_002 web_rev_page_003 web_rev_page_004 web_rev_page_005 web_rev_page_006 web_rev_page_007 web_rev_page_008 web_rev_page_009 web_rev_page_010 web_rev_page_011 web_rev_page_012 web_rev_page_013 web_rev_page_014 web_rev_page_015 web_rev_page_016 web_rev_page_017 web_rev_page_018 web_rev_page_019 web_rev_page_020 web_rev_page_021 web_rev_page_022 web_rev_page_023 web_rev_page_024 web_rev_page_025 web_rev_page_026 web_rev_page_027 web_rev_page_028 web_rev_page_029 web_rev_page_030 web_rev_page_031 web_rev_page_032 web_rev_page_033 web_rev_page_034 web_rev_page_035 web_rev_page_036 web_rev_page_037 web_rev_page_038 web_rev_page_039 web_rev_page_040 web_rev_page_041 web_rev_page_042 web_rev_page_043 web_rev_page_044 web_rev_page_045 web_rev_page_046 web_rev_page_047 web_rev_page_048 web_rev_page_049 web_rev_page_050 web_rev_page_051 web_rev_page_052 web_rev_page_053 web_rev_page_054 web_rev_page_055 web_rev_page_056 web_rev_page_057 web_rev_page_058 web_rev_page_059 web_rev_page_060 web_rev_page_061 web_rev_page_062 web_rev_page_063 web_rev_page_064 web_rev_page_065 web_rev_page_066 web_rev_page_067 web_rev_page_068 web_rev_page_069 web_rev_page_070 web_rev_page_071 web_rev_page_072 web_rev_page_073 web_rev_page_074 web_rev_page_075 web_rev_page_076 web_rev_page_077 web_rev_page_078 web_rev_page_079 web_rev_page_080 web_rev_page_081 web_rev_page_082 web_rev_page_083 web_rev_page_084 web_rev_page_085 web_rev_page_086 web_rev_page_087 web_rev_page_088 web_rev_page_089 web_rev_page_090 web_rev_page_091 web_rev_page_092 web_rev_page_093 web_rev_page_094 web_rev_page_095 web_rev_page_095b web_rev_page_096 web_rev_page_097 web_rev_page_098 web_rev_page_099 web_rev_page_100 web_rev_page_101 web_rev_page_102 web_rev_page_103 web_rev_page_104 web_rev_page_105 web_rev_page_106 web_rev_page_107 web_rev_page_108 web_rev_page_109 web_rev_page_110 web_rev_page_111 web_rev_page_112 web_rev_page_113 web_rev_page_114 web_rev_page_115 web_rev_page_116 web_rev_page_117 web_rev_page_118 web_rev_page_119 web_rev_page_120 web_rev_page_121 web_rev_page_122 web_rev_page_123 web_rev_page_124 web_rev_page_125 web_rev_page_126 web_rev_page_127 web_rev_page_128 web_rev_page_129 web_rev_page_130 web_rev_page_131 web_rev_page_132 web_rev_page_133 web_rev_page_134 web_rev_page_135 web_rev_page_136 web_rev_page_137 web_rev_page_138 web_rev_page_139 web_rev_page_140 web_rev_page_141 web_rev_page_142 web_rev_page_143 web_rev_page_144 web_rev_page_145 web_rev_page_146 web_rev_page_147 web_rev_page_148 web_rev_page_149 web_rev_page_150 web_rev_page_151 web_rev_page_152 web_rev_page_153 web_rev_page_154 web_rev_page_155 web_rev_page_156 web_rev_page_157 web_rev_page_158 web_rev_page_159 web_rev_page_160 web_rev_page_161 web_rev_page_162 web_rev_page_163 web_rev_page_164 web_rev_page_165 web_rev_page_166 web_rev_page_167 web_rev_page_168 web_rev_page_169 web_rev_page_170 web_rev_page_171 web_rev_page_172 web_rev_page_173 web_rev_page_174 web_rev_page_175 web_rev_page_176 web_rev_page_177 web_rev_page_178 web_rev_page_179

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Afrikaans Gospel Songs

Many folks from South Africa look at my website, so here are some Gospel Songs in the Afrikaans language.

1. Die Here is my herder – Willie en Natasha Joubert – a Gospel Song in Afrikaans

The Lord is my shepherd. He makes me lie down in green pastures.

2. Die ou ruwe kruis – Mrs. Maarman & Gerald J. Maarman

The old rugged cross.

3. Baie diep haal Hy my uit – Bella

As I lay in bed last night and sang “Baie diep haal Hy my uit,” it made me realize that the Lord has taken us from deep in sin, and rescued us from the hand of Satan. We serve a wonderful Saviour.

4. Dit laat my so lekker sing – Kruiskyk Harmonie

When I first visited South Africa as a gospel singer in 1970, I couldn’t speak Afrikaans, but this chorus was one of the first Afrikaans gospel songs that I learnt.

5. Oorwinningslied – Kosie Beukes

I found this cute!

6. Ek is so bly ek behoort aan Jesus – Clemens Mans en die Kruiskyk Kewers

7. Hy is die liefling van my siel – Dudley Mans en Karen Koen

8. Hoe groot is U – Matt Prinsloo

How great Thou art.

9. Saggies en teer – Virginia Lee

Softly and tenderly, Jesus is calling, calling for you and for me.

10. Cathy Viljoen – Hemelstelefoon

Royal telephone. (No long distance charges!)

11. Doen slegs U wil Heer – Min Shaw

Have Thine own way Lord…..Thou art the potter, I am the clay.

12. Jerusalem – Gé Korsten

13. Dankie – Lance James

Thank You.

14. Ons Koning kom – Juanita du Plessis

15. Here praat met my – Benice Borman

16. Aanbiddingslied – Steven Sterling

The Lord’s prayer.

17. Blye Versekering – Sonja Herholdt

Blessed assurance. Written by Fanny Crosby when she was blind..

18. Hy leef – Danie Botha

Jesus is alive. Hallelujah!

19. Heer, vir U is duisternis – Morne van der Berg

20. Genade lied – Rina Hugo

A nice Afrikaans gospel song about ‘grace.’

21. Lied van die Here – Ronell Erasmus

22. Jesus ons loof U – Retief Burger

23. My Koning, Heer – Jean Marais

24. Ek het U lief O Heer – Leza Liversage

25. U is my God – Danie Botha

26. In Verwondering – Louis Brittz, Retief Burger, Neil Büchner & Helmut Meijer

27. Helder Lig – KrissTel

28. Vader maak U arms oop – Don Foster

About 30 years ago I wrote a few Afrikaans gospel songs, and this was one of them. God bless y’all. I wrote a song once called: ‘God bless South Africa’ but I haven’t put it on YouTube yet.

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Favourite love songs by Heidi Hauge

I came across Heidi Hauge while looking at Blue eyes crying in the rain, and I found she sings a lot of my favourite love songs. I hope you enjoy them.

1. Blue eyes crying in the rain – a favourite love song by Heide Hauge

2. Once a day

This was one of my wife’s favourite love songs when she was a teenager.

3. Coat of many colors

Written by Dolly Parton.

4. Texas when I die

I remember hearing this one by Tanya Tucker.

5. Crystal chandeliers

I first heard this one back in the sixties in Salisbury, Rhodesia.

6. Save the last dance for me

Another one of my favourite love songs.

7. You are my sunshine

When I sang at old age homes, this was the most popular favourite love song.

8. Turn it on, turn it up, turn me loose

9. One way street 

Fantastic music and pictures.

10. It’s a cowboy lovin’ night

11. Blue Rose

12. I’m so afraid of losing you again “live”

13. Does my ring hurt your finger

After we got married my ring came off when I swam in the sea, but my wife always says I threw it away!

14. One’s on the way

I prefer Heidi Hauge’s version to the original by Loretta Lynn.

15. Look who’s talking (with Arne Benoni)

I remember hearing Jim Reeves singing this one. It makes you think.

16. I can’t be bothered ( with Arene Benoni)

17. Don’t tell me what to do

18. Crying time

Heidi Hauge sings another good oldie.

19. Honky tonk angels

I think Kitty Wells sang this one, but I prefer Heidi Hauge’s version.

20. He thinks I still care

I have often heard this song on the US radio.

21. Walk that line

22. I’m gonna be a country girl again

23. Lay down beside me

24. Saturday night

25. I don’t want tonight to be over “live”

26. Take me back (there must be a song I can sing)

27. Smokey Mountain Queen

28. Tennessee waltz

29. Whose bed have your boots been under (with Johnny Hansen)

“Live” recording.

30. Silent night

It is a tradition in country music to end with a gospel song, so I have put this one in here. I also have a gospel website if you are interested: countrygospelandbible.com



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Healing Stories 2 by Don Foster


  1. Introduction
  2. Brain damage healed
  3. Cancer healed
  4. Blind eye opened
  5. My uncle
  6. Squint eyes
  7. Take pills or die
  8. Blood pressure healed
  9. Leg lengthened
  10. Heal or amputate!
  11. A new foot
  12. Faith comes by the word of God


  1. Introduction


After finishing the other booklet, I was lying in bed thinking of all the different parts of the body that have been healed, so I thought of doing a story on healings from head to toe. So I am going to share with you some stories of people that I have know personally, that have had fantastic healings. I do not know all the answers to life’s problems. Some people die of their diseases, while other people get healed of their sicknesses. I don’t know why. Only God knows. So I am going to share with you the positive side, and hopefully some people out there may benefit from it and get healed. Praise God.


  1. Brain damage healed


Many years ago I had some beach meetings with a guy that gave his testimony of how he was a drug pusher. The police caught him at a road block and put him in prison. He spent three months in solitary confinement, and all he had was a Bible that the chaplain had given him. So he read the Bible from cover to cover, and God healed his brain that had been damaged by the drugs. After getting out of prison he met a girl that he used to sell drugs to. She told him how she had gotten saved by believing on Jesus, and didn’t do drugs anymore. He told us how that one night he stood on a rugby field and surrendered his life to Christ. After that he went to Bible school. It is wonderful how the Lord can change someone’s life. With God, all things are possible. (Matthew 19, 26)


  1. Cancer healed


I once knew a very holy man that had a wonderful healing. He had something grow on his forehead. One time when he was visiting an old school friend, his friend asked him if he could check the thing on his forehead. His friend, a doctor of medicine, after examining it, said that it was malignant cancer. He said he would take care of it free of charge because they were friends. However, the man declined the offer, and said he would wait a bit longer.

One day in a church service, the pastor prayed for him. He went home, and was walking in his rose garden, when the pastor came to see him. The Pastor broke off a rose and asked him: “Is this rose dead or alive?” He replied that it was dead. The pastor said that the rose would bloom some more as if it was alive, but it could not live because it’s source of life had been cut off. Then he said it was the same with the cancer. He said that when they prayed for him in church, that God cut the roots of the cancer, and it cannot live. He said it will bloom some more, but it cannot live.

My friend said that he went through about three days of terrible pain, and thought of suicide, but he held onto the pastor’s words. He said the thing on his forehead had grown to something like a cauliflower. After three days, the thing started drying up, and little by little the ‘petals’ would dry up and fall off. In the end, all that was left was a little white dot, and he showed it to us. Some months later he was visiting his doctor friend, and while they were talking, the doctor said:”Last time you were here you had cancer on your forehead, let me examine it.” After the examination, the doctor asked: “They didn’t burn it out, and they didn’t cut it out. How did they do it?” My friend answered: “I serve a God.” The doctor started crying. He was Jewish, and said: “We are supposed to be serving the same God.”


  1. Blind eye opened


One weekend I stayed with a man and his family, and he told me an incredible story. He worked at a factory where a piece of metal went into his eye, and he went blind in that eye. They had to get a special magnet from England to get the metal out. Later on, another piece of metal went in the same eye, and it went bad. (I guess they needed better safety standards at that factory). He needed to have an operation, but he arrived late for his plane, and the plane crashed into a mountain. He caught another plane, went for the operation, and they took out all the back parts of the eye. (I am leaving out names of countries and places to save confusion). So it was impossible for him to ever see out of that eye again. Twenty five years later, he was prayed for, and his eye came open. He had both hands up in the air praising God, and he could see both arms! When he told me that story, it felt like my faith went up a notch or two – if you can imagine measuring faith! To me, it was so fantastic.


  1. My uncle


When I was little, I remember my mother telling me what happened to one of my uncles. He was at a meeting where an evangelist was preaching, when the evangelist pointed to him, and told him to take off his glasses. When he did that, he could see perfectly. Apparently he could see perfectly for about two weeks, then his eyes deteriorated, and he put his glasses back on. As a little boy, I often wondered how come he lost his healing. I would have thought that it would have been permanent. In my previous book I mentioned about how my spine was healed, but then the pain came back. Maybe my uncle didn’t know about withstanding the devil to keep his healing. The devil is a thief. He will try and steal your healing, your salvation, your peace, your money, your wife, your children, your love, your possessions, and everything you have. Jesus told Peter that the devil wanted to take him and sift him like wheat, but Jesus said he had prayed for him. (Luke 22, 31)


  1. Squint eyes


Many years ago I stayed for a few days with a man who had a Gospel Drive-in Cinema on his property where he showed a movie every Saturday night. My manager told me that he used to be an alcoholic, but he got saved by faith in Jesus. He had an engineering firm in a nearby city. I remember eating with them, and he had a round table with an extra round table in the middle, slightly higher, which rotated during the meal. If for example, you wanted the salt, you just waited until the table rotated, then you took it off, used it and put it back on. I have never seen anything like that before or since. Many years later I spoke to him on the phone, and he sent me a book he had written. One story stands out to me. He said that one day six Pentecostal ministers came to speak to him, and asked him if he spoke in tongues. He said he didn’t, so they told him he should not be operating his Gospel Drive-in Cinema then. They told him he should first be filled with the Holy Spirit, and then he could work for God. I remember when I sang at the cinema, how he would give a gospel message, and invite people to flick their car lights if they wanted to receive Jesus as their Saviour. He would say a prayer for them, and then show the movie. I thought he was doing a great work for God. Unfortunately, when God is blessing you, sometimes other people get jealous, and want to cause trouble.

He was so discouraged, that he got in his car, and drove to the hotel to go back to drinking. As he sat in his car at the parking lot, the Lord ministered to him, and he didn’t go in. The next Saturday night he had planned to tell the people that he was going to close down the cinema, but for some reason, he didn’t do it. After the movie was over, a couple came to speak to him. They said their little girl had squint eyes, and wondered if he would pray for her. He felt he couldn’t do it because he didn’t speak in tongues. However, to get rid of the people he said a little prayer, and they left. As he was packing away the last of the equipment, he saw a car come back into the Drive-in. It was the same couple. They said they were driving down the road when their little girl asked how come all the cars have two lights now instead of four! She was healed.


  1. Take pills or die


When I first started in the Gospel singing ministry, my manager told me how he was taking about twenty two pills a day. I can’t remember the exact number, but it was somewhere in the twenties. The doctor said that if he quits taking them, he will die. He told me how one day he gave his life over to God and flushed all the pills down the drain. He lived about another forty or fifty years after that, and died at a ripe old age. I spoke to him on the phone two weeks before he died. Each person must do what is best for them. Pray about it. By the way, you shouldn’t flush harmful pills down the drain. It all goes into the water table.


  1. Blood pressure healed


I know a man that I have stayed with a few times on my travels, and he was telling me how he got healed of blood pressure. He was in a meeting, when the man leading the song service told him to pray for a certain man in the audience. He went to the man and asked him what his problem was. He replied that he had a problem with his blood pressure. (I can’t remember whether it was high or low in both individuals). Then he thought to himself: “How can I pray for him when I have blood pressure problems myself.” However, because he was asked to pray for him, he did his duty. Later on he found that he got healed of his own blood pressure problems. So it is kind of like the teachings of Jesus that when you give away, you receive. (Luke 6, 38)


  1. Leg lengthened


I was at a youth camp once where they had a visiting business man from California. I remember a lady sitting in a chair, and the business man holding her feet in his hands. One leg was about an inch shorter than the other. I was up close and looking intently at the proceedings to make sure I saw everything that was going on. He had been using my microphone, so I was holding my microphone in front of his mouth for the amplification, so my eyes were very close. He just said: “Thank you Jesus!” It was a shock to me, because I had never heard anyone pray like that before. I was used to praying to the Father in the name of Jesus. Instantly, the legs were the same length! Afterwards, I spoke with the lady, and she told me she had been in a car accident, and had a twisted spine. Her spine came straight, and so her legs were now the same length again. She was very happy!


  1. Heal or amputate!


I remember singing in a church where a guy was sitting in a wheelchair with both his legs in plaster. There were just a few toes sticking out from each foot. Many years later I sang at a church where he was playing guitar, and he was so kind as to swap guitars with me, because I needed a guitar with a wider neck. He invited me to his house for lunch after church, and told me the whole story about his legs.

He had been driving an army truck when it hit a landmine. He was blown away from the truck with his legs wrapped around the steering column. The army left him for dead. In a few trucks behind him was his brother-in-law, who came to his aid. He told me how later on when he was in a hospital the nurse would pick up his splintered legs and drop them. She couldn’t handle it. The doctors put his legs back together again as best as they could, and hoped for the best. Each time they checked his legs, the bones would not knit together. There came a stage when the doctors said that when they checked his legs the next time, and the bones had not knitted up, they would have to amputate both his legs.

He shared this with the church, and a little girl said they must put mud on his legs like Jesus did to the blind man. The pastor then suggested that the little girl do just that. So she went outside and made some mud, and put it on his toes that were sticking out. The next time he went for x-rays, all the bones had knitted up! We serve a wonderful God. Thank you God for that little girl too. A child shall lead them.


  1. A new foot


I was invited to sing and minister at a youth camp, and I noticed a guy playing volley ball, jumping around on one leg. Out of curiosity I asked him what had happened. He told me how he was in an army unit, walking through the bush, when he heard a voice out of the sky say: “Stop!” He stopped. He turned to the man in charge behind him and asked if the area had been cleared of anti-personnel mines. The man said:  “Yes.” The next step he took was on a mine. He said that if he hadn’t been forewarned, it would have blown his whole leg off, but having been warned, he jumped, and it just blew off his foot.

During one of the services, I sang the song: “One came back,” about the leper who came back to say thank you to Jesus, when a girl in the audience shouted out that we must pray for him to get a new foot. I felt that if she had that burden to pray for him, then she should do the praying. So I asked her to do it. So she did. On the Sunday night church service, she testified how she got filled with the Holy Ghost at the camp. After the service, I asked her when she got filled with the Holy Spirit. She said that after she had prayed for the man to get a new foot, she went to a side room, and started singing in tongues!

About a year later, I was invited to sing at a big tent meeting. As we walked towards the tent, a couple walked past us and greeted us. They said we don’t remember them. I must admit, that I have met so many hundreds of people in our travels, that it was hard to remember everyone. He said he was the guy who had lost his foot. Later on they invited us to their home for supper, and he told me the whole story.

He wanted an artificial foot, but in that country, they didn’t make artificial feet. They wanted to amputate his leg just below the knee and give him a foot with a leg. He wasn’t happy with that idea, and wanted to keep everything he had. He said how he was at a Christian bookshop in town, when the lady working there told him that there was a missionary convention in town that weekend, and the American missionary that had amputated his foot would be there. Maybe he could help. So he went to the convention, and the American doctor had a friend there from England who said he would get him an artificial foot. He showed how the foot straps onto his leg. If you didn’t know him and saw him walking, you would never know it was an artificial foot. He was very happy. When the girl at the camp wanted us to pray for a new foot, I thought she meant a whole new foot growing out of his ankle. That would have been a very big miracle. So anyway, that’s how things turned out. Everyone was happy. Praise God!


  1. Faith comes by the word of God


Paul said that faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.  (Romans 10, 17) If we want our faith to get built up, we need to read the Bible for starters, and other faith building literature. I know it is easier to sit back and be entertained by the modern media, but we also need food for our spirits. Just like our physical bodies need regular food, in the same way our spirits need food. We need to make time for God. Jesus said that “man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God.” (Matthew 4, 4) I grew up in a very religious home where just about everything was a sin, but I am not like that. I enjoy being entertained too, but we need to have the right balance. This is something each individual must work out for themselves. There are so many miracles and healings mentioned in the Bible, that I want to encourage you to read them over and over again to get them into your spirit.

Back in 1982 I did the Books of Mark and Revelation in pictures, and while I was doing them it did something for me on the inside. On the outside I went through a lot of persecution, but God did things to me on the inside. At the moment I am trying to do the Gospel of Mark in full colour using the paint program on the computer. I am struggling because I know my art is not as good as other peoples’ art. If it helps you to read some of the miracles and healings Jesus did in comic book format, you are welcome to check out my attempts. I think I am on chapter five. Just type in: “Gospel of Mark – Christian Comics.”


“The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God, and the communion of the Holy Ghost, be with you all. Amen.” (2 Corinthians 13, 14)

I have a gospel website, if you would like to check it out: countrygospelandbible.com


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Favourite Love Songs – Liv Marit Wedvik

Liv Marit Wedvik sings some of my favourite love songs, but it is so sad to read that she died in a drowning accident a couple of months ago.

1. Don’t forget to remember me

This is a favourite old love song from way back somewhere in my memory.  Liv Marit Wedvik sings it so nice, with such beautiful music.

2. Don’t think twice

I love the country music on this number. Top class!

3. To know him is to love him

This is one of the old favourite love songs from the rock and roll days, and Liv Marit Wedvik sings it better than anyone else I have heard.

4. Hitching a ride – a favourite love song by Liv Marit Wedvik

When I was young I hitch hiked many hundreds of miles before I owned a car, but I don’t think it is wise for a girl to hitch hike. Could land in big trouble!

5. Then he kissed me

Here is another old favourite love song from the old rock and roll days.

6. Dance all night

7. Mustang road

It looks exciting.

8. They don’t know

9. Safe in the arms of love

10. Ready for love?

The other week it was by accident that I came across Liv Marit Wedvik, but she is so beautiful and sings so nice. I hope her family and especially her children can manage without her. My prayers have gone out for them.


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Favourite Love Songs by Celtic Woman

I hope you enjoy some of these favourite love songs by singing group called: “Celtic Woman.”

1. Danny boy

When I heard The Celtic Woman sing this favourite old love song, I just loved their harmony and everything about them.

2. Amazing grace

Wow. What a big production.

3. When you believe

All things are possible if you believe.

4. You raise me up

Somebody said we must surround ourselves with people who lift us up, and not tear us down.

5. The call

6. Fields of gold

Fields of barley.

7. You’ll never walk alone

No one likes to be alone.

8. Bridge over troubled waters

True friends will be there for you.

9. The prayer

10. The blessing

I looks like the team members are a blessing to each other.

11. True colours

12. Scarborough Fair

13. Caledonia

14. Over the rainbow

15. Sail away

16. Beyond the sea

Thank you Celtic Woman. I remember hearing this favourite love song sung by Bobby Darin.

17. The soft goodbye

18. My heart was home again

It is tough being in a far away country, and not feeling at home.

19. I dreamed a dream/Circle of life

May your dreams all come true.

20. Galway Bay – A Favourite Love Song by Celtic Woman

Some of the words the Celtic Woman sang in this old favourite love song touched down deep in my heart. She says how “The strangers …….. scorned us just for being what we are.” Hey I’ve been down that same road.

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Favourite love songs – Don Foster – Singer/songwriter

Hi. I would like to share with you some of my favourite love songs. My name is Don Foster and I have decided to classify myself as a singer/songwriter.

1. When you’re in love -My favourite love song – Don Foster – singer/songwriter

I wrote this while doing security work one weekend at a factory. It was a lovely summers day and the trees were green and the birds were singing, and I was missing my family.

2. Cabin on the hill

One lunch break when I was working in the big city, I was walking to the park when this song came to me. I had no paper, so I got my bank balance from an ATM, and scribbled the song on the tiny bit of paper. It is one of my favourite love songs, even though it is a bit sad.

3. Every day’s a holiday 

When we were teenagers, my brother and I went to the sea for a holiday, and that is what this song is based on. I just love being by the sea on those lovely beaches, and surfing the waves.

4. Go to Florida

Here is another song about longing to be by the sea.

5. I’m yours

Another one of my favourite love songs.

6. Play with me Daddy

This is based on a dream I had when my son was small. I know a number of people who have lost their sons to car accidents, so this is very real in some people’s lives, and my heartfelt sympathies go out to those parents. When I was doing security work, and my son was little, I used to sing this song to myself, and the tears would stream down my face because I love my son so much. He is big now, but this is still one of my favourite love songs.

7. Palm Tree

There are so many people that commit suicide when the stress gets too much. So I hope this song helps somebody.

8. Isn’t Daddy coming home

Back in the early 70’s when I was a travelling singer, I was invited to supper at some people’s home. The rest of what happened is in the song.

9. A New Day

This song keeps speaking to my heart, that I must forget the past, and start anew.

10. Little Boat

This song is based on a vision a man had. I heard his story in about 1971, and later wrote the song.

11. I need You

I was driving down a road when this song came to me, so I pulled to the side and wrote it.

12. Don’t you worry

The other day my wife shared with us about the U.S.A. shutdown and the economic meltdown, and it got me so worried. So, the next day I listened to my song again, and decided to re-post it on the youtube. This song brings me a lot of comfort.

13. I carried you

This song is based on a poem I read about the footprints in the sand. It is always such a comfort to me.

14. Wider than any ocean

This is a love song to God.

15. Jerusalem I love

To me it was a very holy feeling being in Jerusalem.

16. Blue Galilee

When we were by Galilee, I felt like pitching a tent and living there the rest of my life.

17. Ready?

This is a very impotant song. It has spoken to my heart many times.

18. The Winning Side

We are in a battle for our souls. God verses the devil.

19. Little Birds

God wants us to be happy.

20. Just one touch

To me this is a very holy song. I still need a big touch from the Holy Spirit.

21. All my troubles

All of us go through troubles, but it is coming out of them that is so hard.

22. Like the bird

One afternoon as I was going for a  walk this song came to me as the sun was going down.

23. No condemnation

If ever we sin, we need to come to the Lord and ask forgiveness.

24. Jerusalem I love (with lyrics)

Here is the same song – with words.

25. It was the rapture

One night I had a dream that shook me up real bad, and so the next morning I wrote the song.

26. A New Heart

I have re-done this song using pictures. We all need a new heart. There is so much hate and violence in the world.

27. Prophets

I think this song has an important message.

28. He understands

This is my latest song on youtube. October 9. 2013. Jesus understands how you feel because he has been through all the suffering that you and I have been through. He is now our high priest in heaven, interceeding for you and me.

29. Specialized

Jesus specialized in changing people. No matter what you have done, He is willing to forgive you if you ask Him to. He loves you, and wants you to be saved.

30. No river too wide (with Lyrics)

My wife and sister said they couldn’t hear all the words, so I typed them in.

31. There is healing (in the Name of Jesus)

I wrote this song after my cracked spine got healed back in 1972.

32. You stood by me

I wrote this song about my wife, and how she stood by me when I went through a difficult time in my life.

33. Don’t sit on the fence

I wrote this one back in 1966 when I was doing military training. I was travelling in a military bus looking out the window at the cows in the field.

34. Concrete Jungle

Back in about 1979 we were living in an apartment, and I could see the factories pumping smoke into the air, which inspired me to write this song.

35. Jesus, I love You

To me this is a very holy song. Some people don’t like holy songs, and Jesus said we mustn’t cast our pearls before swine.

36. I talked to the Lord

Many years ago I came home from work feeling very depressed. I got on my knees by my bed and poured out my troubles to the Lord. Afterwards, I felt so much better, and wrote the song. Usually when I play the guitar and sing it, I dance around. It gives me such a charge, more than any other song.

37. Jailbreaker

Here is a Bible story in song. Hope you like it.

38. Fluffy

In 1983 I had a dream one night, then the next morning I wrote this. It is my passover song.

39. The Healer is here

Many years ago, we saw many people get healed, and I am constantly praying to see that again.

40. Follow

This is one of the last songs I wrote. “Everyone is special in the eyes of the Lord.”

41. Get off my back

I wrote this song when I was in my early twenties, and it seems like all my life that the devil has been whispering negative things into my mind. Telling me that I am not good enough. He has also used other people to tell me the same things. However, I feel that my songs have a certain amount of merit, even though I am plagued with such negative thoughts. Also, every night I seem to have nightmares. It is like I am in a continual spiritual battle.

42. Don’t worry about him

This song was a very big help in a healing process, because of a problem I went through with a particular man. Then years later, I had a problem with a certain woman, so I lengthened the song to cover both of them. Don’t let other people stop you from following Jesus. We all have to give an account one day.

43. I forgive you

Many times in my life I have had to forgive people for the wrongs they have done to me. As I did the pictures of this videos, it has brought back so many memories. My wife says it is because the devil has wanted to kill me. I think she is right.

44. Jesus, Rose of Sharon

I wrote this song back in the 70’s. As I sing the gospel songs, it leads me into worship, and this is a love song to Jesus.

45. It’s gotta be love

This was the title of my long playing record back in 1972. On the record was the whole band, but on this version, it is just me and the keyboard.

46. Henry

When I wrote this song, the original title was: “Daddy was a hard, drinking man.” Many years later, I have wondered if the title had offended my dad. You see, I wrote the song about a guy we met  back in the 70’s, and I wrote it from the point of view of his children. So anyway, I have changed the title, but I cannot remember the guy’s name, so I have called him Henry. After I had written the song, my wife asked me if I knew that he had planned to commit suicide, but I didn’t know that when I wrote the song.

47. You can’t buy the Holy Spirit

Many rich people want to buy the things of God, but all His gifts are free. We have to pay the price of dedication.

48. Chain the wind

Jesus talked about being born of the Spirit in John chapter 3.

49. I’ll meet you in heaven

Before she died, my mother hugged me and said: “I’ll meet you in heaven.”

50. If you hadn’t told me

This song is based on a true story.

51. A new creature

This is based on a statement in the Bible by Paul: “Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new.” 2 Corintians 5,17.

52. Don’t be weary

This song is based on a Bible verse that says: “And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not.” Galations 6,9.

53. So forgive

I wrote this song back in 1971 after a car cut in front of me on a freeway.

54. Someone cared

Jesus loves you.

55. What did you do for Me

When I was in my early twenties, I had a dream one night where I stood before the Lord, and the Lord said: “What did you do for Me?” So I replied: “I went to church.” He said: “That wasn’t for me, that was for yourself, you are the one who got a blessing out of it. What did you do for Me?” So I said: “I read the Bible.” The Lord said: “That was for yourself, you are the one who got a blessing out of it. What did you do for Me?” Then it dawned on me that I had never won any souls for Jesus. I went to meetings 7 to 10 times a week. I read the Bible when I was a teenager. I knew hundreds of songs. I even knew most of the numbers off by heart, and what key each song was in, but I had never won any soul for Jesus. So that is what inspired me to ask Margaret to go to church. When she gave her heart to Jesus, her life changed. For the first time, I saw a life change in front of my own eyes, and I later left my job and went out singing for Jesus, and trying to win souls for Him. I also did a comic about Margaret. I can’t remember why I called the comic Top Priority, but I guess it is because being saved is the most important thing in the whole world! Won’t you give your life to Christ today? Comic: Top Priority

56. Woodchopper

I had this vision when I was washing Leo’s feet at a foot washing service in 1982.

57. That’s your mansion

I got inspired to write this song based on a story I heard when I was young, about lady in Africa who had a dream.

58. Do you love Him more than anything?

It is about Abraham. I got inspired to write this song when my son was small.

59. Thank You for the power

Sorry that my recordings are not very good, but I feel I must put my songs out there in case there are some good singers and musicians that are looking for material.

60. Mama’s Prayer

Many years ago as I was on a long trip, I was inspired to write this song based on a story by another singer. Every now and then I would stop at the side of the road and write down the words. At the same time, I felt I was interceding for my son: “The devil can’t have my boy Lord.”

61. Fly High

This song is from my LP which was recorded in 1972.

62. It’s gotta be love (LP recording)

This is from the recording of 1972.

63. I once knew a preacher man

I wrote this song back in the 60’s or 70’s, based on an evangelist I had met. Over the years I have seen a number of preachers leave the ministry through a variety of reasons. Many times I pray that they will come back to preaching the gospel.

64. Vader maak U arms oop

Dear Afrikaans people. Please forgive me if I make mistakes in your language, but I have written a few Afrikaans songs, and feel I must share them with the rest of the world. Maybe there are some good singers out there looking for songs to sing, then they can take it a few steps further. Here is what this song means in English:

Father, open up your arms, here comes your lost son. Give him a big love-hug, he looks so very lonely. With a bag (or pocket) full of money, he went away, looking for pleasure and enjoyment. His clothes were nice and clean, and he walked upright. Now he’s coming back on the mountain road. He looks so skinny and dirty. Give him a big love-hug, he looks so very lonely.

65. Live above

I wrote this song in 1966 when I was in a plane looking down at the scenery.

I also have a gospel site: http://countrygospelandbible.com/

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