Favourite Love Songs by Virginia Lee

When I was young, Virginia Lee sang one of my favourite love songs. Here are some more favorite love songs, and I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

1. Pearly shells

I love songs about the sea, so have started with these.

2. Listen to the ocean

3. My island in the sea

4. Everything  I’ve always  wanted

5. Darling it’s wonderful – my favourite love song by Virginia Lee

6. Blue eyes crying in the rain – with Slim Whitman

7. Happy birthday my darling

I am so glad to have found this song. It has been one of my favourite love songs since I was a teenager, but I never remembered the words of the whole song. Thank you Virginia Lee.

8. Goodbye my love – with Murray Campbell

9. Green grow the lilacs

10. Tien duisend myl

11. My last date with you

12. Jealous heart

I have a tape of Connie Francis singing this favourite love song.

13. Once a day

14. There’s a new moon over my shoulder

Even though this is a bit sad, it is still one of my favourite love songs.

15. Lente in Zwitserland

16. Ten thousand miles

17. What am I living for

18. Ek sal jou nooit vergeet nie

19. Mr. fire eyes

Virginia Lee will fire you up with this one!

20. My shoes keep walking back to you

Who has got Virginia Lee’s shoes?

21. Blue Spanish eyes

22. I love you more and more everyday

23. I can’t stop loving you

24. Tell me why

25. Nobody’s child

26. I need you, honest I do

27. Bridge over troubled waters

28. As tears go by

29. I love you because

30. He’ll have to stay

31. Heartaches by the number

32. Dark  moon

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Virginia Lee Gospel Songs

Virginia Lee sings some nice gospel songs, so I would like to share some with you.

1. Jesus send a song

2. Royal telephone

I think this was a hit song for Virginia Lee.

3. Beyond the sunset

This gospel song was written by a blind lady. Virginia Lee has gone beyond the sunset into the arms of Jesus. If you have never asked Jesus to come into your heart, I want to encourage you to do it now.

4. Saggies an teer

5. In die verre land

6. Each step of the way

Virginia Lee says she is following Jesus, and as you listen to these lovely gospel songs, I want to encourage you to do the same.

7. Invisible hands

8. Let me be worthy

9. Across the bridge

10. Old rugged cross

11. Why me Lord

12. Amazing grace 

Why don’t you accept the grace of God as you listen to this gospel song, and invite Jesus to be your Saviour?

13. Wings of a dove

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Favourite songs by Cathy Viljoen

I heard Cathy Viljoen sing once in Germiston in the mid eighties, and was very impressed by her performance, and the quality of her music. So here are some favourite songs I have picked out.

1. A Wedding Song

I hope this becomes many people’s favourite wedding song.

2. Someday my ship will sail

I remember Cathy Viljoen singing this song in Germiston, using a backing track.

3. Somebody touched me

I remember hearing John Starnes singing this one on a tape.

4. The hem of His garment

A beautiful song about the woman who touched the hem of Jesus’ garment and got healed.

5. You made life worth living

The words in this number are very good. To me the only reason for living is to do something for Jesus.

6. Die man met die purper kleed – one of my favourite Afrikaans Gospel songs by Cathy Viljoen

Back in the mid seventies, I was singing in Tsumeb, and the people couldn’t understand English. So I had to quickly learn some Afrikaans songs. This was one of them. Later on someone asked me to make a record of Afrikaans songs. So this was the title song. After I had made the record, Doctor Swanepoel, the leader of the Volle Evangelie Kerk, mentioned at a meeting in Irene that I didn’t know the difference between “eendragtig” and “aandragtig.” Then I discovered I had made a mistake on the record. There were already a thousand records pressed, so it was too late. Anyway, I made a cassette tape afterwards, and corrected my mistake. As a kid in Salisbury, Rhodesia, I remember one guy saying to me: “I’ll throw you with the ball.” That seemed so weird, until many years later, I realized he must have been Afrikaans. Anyway, Cathy Viloen is Afrikaans and does it proper!

7. Jesus sal nimmer se nee

Today this song has been running through my head, and that is the reason for me doing this posting. This was one of the favourite Afrikaans songs I had on my record. Jesus never turned anyone away. He healed every sick person that came to him. At present I am busy writing a book called: “How to get healed.” I have a song on youtube that is getting more views than any of my other songs. It is called: “There is healing in the name of Jesus.” From that, I realize that there are many people that need healing, hence the book I am writing. JESUS LOVES YOU and wants you to be healed.

8. Alle nasies moet die here dien

It makes me think of when I had a meeting with Rachel Willemse among the coloured people. They sang this song about twenty times, and walked all around the room.

9. When my last song is sung

God bless you Cathy Viljoen.

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Favourite love songs by Andy Williams

1. Moon River

I chose this one because it has nice pictures. Doing this section of favourite love songs by Andy Williams, the first song that comes to my mind is Moon River. I heard this one when I was a teenager in Bulawayo.  It is amazing how songs travel all over the world. There are no border crossings. No custom officials, no baggage search!

2. Let it be me with Claudine  Longet

Andy was married to Claudine for a number of years. He met her at the side of the road in Las Vegas, where she had pulled over with car troubles.

3. A fool never learns

Fools get lonely too.

4. Butterfly

I heard this one on the radio when I was a teenager, but at the time I didn’t realize it was Andy Williams.

5. Do-Re-Mi with Eddie Fisher and Bobby Darrin

So many of these famous people have met and sung together.

6. I like your kind of love with Peggy Powers

I heard this one on the radio a couple of years ago. Fascinating.

7. Dear Heart

“Dear Heart, wish you were here to warm this night…”

8. Reason to believe

Nice sea scenes.

9. I can’t stop loving you – my favourite love song “live” performance by Andy Williams

Wow. This performance is spectacular. I love the way he sort of waltzes across the stage.  Fantastic orchestra too.

10. Somewhere my love

When I was young I saw Julie Christie in a movie called: “Far from the maddening crowd.”

11. Watch what happens with Connie Francis

So nice to see these two together.

12. Language of love with Julie Andrews

Julie Andrews is such a lady.

13. Unchained melody

Nice scenery.

14. Can’t smile without you

This is fantastic. Gives a glimpse of what it is like to be a Big pop star. Lots of women want to kiss him!

15. Walk hand in hand (with me)

Very nice.

16. It’s all in the game

I first heard this one sung by Cliff Richard.

17. Near you

Nice boogie woogie piano.

18. My happiness

Another one of my favourite old love songs. I have a tape of Connie Francis singing this one.

19. Sail along silv’ry moon

I heard Slim Whitman do this number before.

20. People will say we’re in love

This looks like it is from the Oklahoma movie.

21. Love letters in the sand

A big hit for Pat Boone.

22. You are my sunshine

At the old age homes where I have sung, this is one of the most requested songs.

23. You’ve got a friend

Good words. It is hard to find good friends.

24. I walk the line/Folsom Prison Blues with Johnny Cash

He says he has all of Johnny Cash’s records!

25. Treat her rough with Pat Boone and Elke Sommer

Funny humour here. Well done old chap!

26. Don’t fence me in with Bing Crosby

It is amazing how Andy Williams’ career has spanned so many decades, to even include Bing Crosby.

27. Wrap your troubles in dreams with Tony Bennett

What a wonderful rapport.

28. What’d I say with Ray Charles

Wonderful to see the interaction between these two megastars.

29. Can’t take my eyes off you

Too many pretty girls!

30. Blueberry Hill

Another one of my old time favourite love songs.

31. Blue Hawaii

This old favourite love song still runs through my mind every now and then. I just wish one of these great singers would have done it in a video with the beautiful sea, the waves washing up on the beach, with the lovers walking hand in hand on the sand in the moonlight. It would be so romantic.

32. Beyond the reef

Sad, but beautiful. I have the record, but it is so nice to see it in pictures.

33. Stranger on the shore

This was a big musical hit for Acker Bilk when I was a teenager, but it is so nice now to hear the words of the song.

34. Music from across the way

35. Softly as I leave you

I heard Elvis Presley say that a man wrote this song while he was dying in a hospital bed. He didn’t want his wife to see him die.

36. May each day

Lovely words. Going through all these songs has been quite a journey.

37. The Lord’s Prayer

My wife says we should be saying the Lord’s prayer every day.

38. Amazing grace

“When we’ve been there ten thousand years.” I hope Mr. Williams made it through the pearly gates.

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After doing a section on Elvis Impersonators, I ended up looking at other impersonators, which I found very exciting, so I hope you enjoy them too.

1. Arnold Schwarzenegger – The Late Show

I found this very funny.

2. Obama by Steve Bridges

It is amazing what Steve Bridges can do.

3. George Bush – Steve Bridges roast on Jeff Foxworthy

4. George Bush – Steve Bridges – Camp David

5. Obama – Steve Bridges – 2011

6. Steve Bridges Tribute Part 1

7. Steve Bridges Tribute Part 2

8. Bill Clinton by Tim Watters

9. Tim Watters – Booking Agent

10. Jay Leno and “George Bush”

11. Arnold Schwarzenegger as President

12. Obama by Reggie Brown (2 minutes)

13. President Obama by Reggie Brown (11 minutes)

14. Kim Jong-un Impersonator

He says at the end of the day he enjoys going back to being himself!

15. Kate Middleton Lookalike – Heidi Agan

It is incredible how much she looks like Kate. I have a done a lot of postings on her because she seems so nice.

16. “Kate” and tourists

17. Heidi Agan on the Alan Titchmarsh Show

18. Heidi Agan on Good Morning America

It is exciting to see her meet “Prince William.”

19. Heidi Agan – Susan Scott interview

20. Heidi Agan – Sunrise Show interview

21. From Waitress to Dutchess

22. Dave and Victoria Beckham – Lookalikes – Andy Harmer and Camilla Shadbolt

23. Hollywood Royalty Lookalikes

It has been lots of fun watching these lookalikes and impersonators. One thing that is very sad, is the death of Steve Bridges. Some people claim he was murdered because of impersonating one of the presidents.

24. Superman

25. Transformer Robot

26. Transformer Bumblebee

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Elvis Impersonators

There are probably hundreds of guys who are Elvis Impersonators, singing his favourite love songs, but I would like to share a few with you.

1. Andy Kaufman on the Johnny Carson Show

“Love me” and “Blue suede shoes.” I think this guy is very funny.

2. Andy Kaufman  on the Johnny Cash Show

“That’s when your heartaches begin.”

3. Andy Kaufman – Treat me nice

Johnny Cash said that Andy was Elvis’ favourite impersonator.

4. Ben Portsmouth at Collingwood

When I was typing it, I made an error and typed Dollingwood! Maybe Dolly Parton will come next! This is Ben singing “I can’t stop loving you” – one of my own personal favourite love songs.

5. Shawn Klush at Collingwood 2013

One of the ultimate Elvis Impersonator winners. CC Rider.

6. Wayne Fontaine – When my blue moon turns to gold again.

He plays the guitar real good!

7. Martin Fontaine – (make up man) – hound dog

The make up is incredible. All of these artists are so incredible, and do such wonderful imitations of the king.

8. Donny Edwards – alias the king

It is very interesting to hear Donny’s story of how people persuaded him to get into it.

9. Chris Connor – Rise of a Legend

He looks a lot like Elvis.

10. Darren Lee – Walk a mile in my shoes

This is a good song – the words are so true. So many people love to criticize, when they don’t know what it’s like to be in your shoes.

11. 2012 Memphis finalists

So many Elvis Impersonators. Looks like the women love it!

12. Cody Ray Slaughter at Collingwood 2012

“Shake, rattle and roll, baby.”

13. Elvis Impersonator – Dean Z  – Las Vegas 2014

Receives the “Heart of the king” award, then goes into action. Wow, Dean does all the moves of the king in just a couple of songs. He is very good at his imitation. I wonder how his girlfriend feels about him kissing all the girls.

14. Priscilla at Collingwood 2014

Wow, it is so nice to see her. She is the real deal. The ex-wife. Up close and personal. Knows all about him. I read her book some years back. She is a year older than me – I just looked it up.

15. Jim Carrey – Blue suede shoes

I think this might be part of a movie.

16. David Scott – Always on my mind

It is sad to see he died so young.

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Jannes and Jambres

One night I had a dream, where the Holy Spirit showed me the names: Jannes and Jambres.

In my dream, there was a book opened in front of me, and the Holy Spirit put a spotlight onto the page. My  eyes zoomed in like a Hollywood camera to see what was in the spotlight, and I saw the names: Jannes and Jambres.

I lay there in bed wondering who had mentioned these names. I thought maybe it was the high priest, but I wasn’t sure. So the next morning, first thing, before I even had a cup of tea, I went back to the Gospel of Nicodemas, and I looked for these names. It was Nicodemas who said that Jannes and Jambres were the magicians in Egypt.

I felt sure I had read these names in the Bible somewhere, but I couldn’t remember where, so I went to look in the Bible Concordance that Lydia Tyne had given me. I was expecting to find an Old Testament reference, but instead, all I could find was a New Testament reference:  2 Timothy 3,8. “As Jannes and Jambres opposed Moses, so do these men oppose the truth.”

As I sat there staring at the page, it dawned on me that verse 16 was the main verse I was taught in Theology.  “All scripture is given by inspiration of God.” The Full Gospel Church in South Africa taught that “All scripture” meant the Bible “nothing more, and nothing less.” I see it as “Dogmatic Theology.” Yet here was Paul quoting from a different Bible, right here in the very same chapter!

That spun my mind. It was like the cherry on the cake, or the tip of the iceberg, concerning things that the Holy Spirit had taught me over a period of about twenty years!

I have had some people hate me regarding the scriptures, yet every writer in the New Testament quotes scriptures that are from a different Bible! Why don’t the people hate Paul? Why don’t they hate Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, James, Peter, Jude or even Jesus? They all quote scriptures from a different Bible! I think it is discrimination that they hate me! But Jesus loves me, and that’s all that matters! Johnny Cash had a song where he sang: “I won’t miss a friend I never had, but I’ve got Jesus, and that’s enough, that’s enough, that’s enough.” Thanks Johnny. Glory to God!

I will add some more information later, as I dig up my research from years ago.

I started off as a pop singer, then I went into gospel singing, and then into Theology. So this website is ending up a mishmash of all different things. It is all part of life. The main thing is to be saved. If you have never received Jesus Christ as your Saviour, I want to encourage you to do it now. Today. None of us know when we have to end this life, and head for eternity. Jesus said he was the way, the truth and the life, no man can come to the Father except through him. Ask Jesus into your heart now, and ask for forgiveness of all you sins, then start living for him. May God bless you as you do this. Read the Bible for yourself, because on the day of judgment we all have to give an answer for ourselves. We can’t hide behind someone else! Have a look at my little comic called: “Top Priority” on one of my other websites:

Christian Comic: Top Priority

I had the dream about Jannes and Jambres back in 1995 while we were living in South Africa. I was curious about where Paul was quoting from, so I looked in some of the ancient writings that I had, and I found “Jannes and his brother” mentioned in the “Damascus Document.” But that didn’t fit the equation.

Then in 1997 we were at a house meeting in the USA, where Sister Gwen Shaw told us of an ancient writing that she had. She said someone had given it to her, and it wasn’t in print anymore. I was very excited, and asked her what it was called. She said: “Jasher or something …. it is mentioned in the Bible.” When we got home, I went back to the concordance, and found it in Joshua 10,13:

“And the sun stood still, and the moon stayed, until the people had avenged themselves upon their enemies. Is not this written in the book of Jasher? So the sun stood still in the midst of heaven, and hasted not to go down about a whole day.”

Also 2 Samuel 1,17-18:

17 And David lamented with this lamentation over Saul and over Jonathan his son:

18 (Also he bade them teach the children of Judah the use of the bow: behold, it is written in the book of Jasher.)

A little while later we were at a computer course teaching us about the internet and emails, etc., and during a coffee break, my wife suggested I type in “Book of Jasher” into a search engine. When I did it came up that it was available at Kessinger Publishers in Kilo, Montana. So I sent them an email, and ordered a copy. The first thing I looked for was Jannes and Jambres, and I found then there. They were related to Balaam, who was hired to curse Israel.

Some things in the Book of Jasher are fantastic, but there are other things that leave question marks. With all the ancient writings that I have, it is hard to know if they are the truth, or if they have been fiddled with over the years. So I just rely on the Holy Spirit to lead me to the truth. Jesus said the Holy Spirit is the Spirit of truth and he will lead you into all truth. John 16,13:

Howbeit when he, the Spirit of truth, is come, he will guide you into all truth:

Glory to God. Paul said we must prove all things, and hold fast to that which is good. 1 Thessalonians 5,21.



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Favourite Cowboy/Wild West Movies

When I was a kid growing up in Salisbury, Rhodesia, I had a lot of comics, and the ones I loved the most were the Classics and the Wild West comics. That has influenced me all my life. I often wondered why my parents didn’t live in America where everything was exciting. Later in life, I discovered that the guy who wrote the Ben Hur story lived in the wild west during the time of Billy the Kid. If the wild west was so exciting, how he didn’t write about it? Also, the guy who wrote the Tarzan stories lived in the wild west. So I guess it really wasn’t so exciting after all, but it has been made exciting by the writers, the artists and the movie makers.

1. Jesse James (Henry Fonda) 1939

2. The true story of Jesse James (Robert Wagner)

3. The last of the fast guns

4. The Nevadan

5. Albuquerque (1948) Randolph Scott

6. Yuma (Clint Walker)

7. Broken Arrow (1950) James Stewart

8. The Lone Gun (1954)

9. High Lonesome (1950)

10. The Gunfight at Dodge City (1959)

11. White Feather

12. The Virginian (1946)

13. Custer of the West

I will add more movies as time goes by. “Happy trails to you!”

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Favourite Rugby Games

When I was at school, this was my favourite sport, which I now watch on line, so I have decided to do a post on my favourite rugby games. My last rugby game ended at the age of 24, when I got wrecked, and after that I quit my job and went out singing for Jesus. But I still love watching rugby. Sorry to see so many guys getting hurt. To me it was a game, but to some people it is like a war.

“When the Great Scorer comes to write against your name, He will not write whether you won or lost, but how you played the game.” I remember one of my English teachers at high school saying that. I think he was quoting from some famous British poet. I don’t care who wins or loses, I just enjoy the game.

England vs France Feb 1 2014 full

Eng vs NZ  first test June 8  2014  full

Eng vs NZ second test June 14 2014 full

Eng vs NZ third test June 21 2014 full

Eng vs Barbarians June 4 2014 full

Eng vs Ireland Feb 24 2014 full

Eng vs Wales Mar 11 2014 full


Super Rugby 2014

Sharks vs Highlanders July 19 2014 Highlights 5 mins

Sharks vs Bulls Feb 15 2014 Highlights 8 mins

Sharks vs Blues May 23 2014 full

Sharks vs Stormers May 31 2014  full

Sharks vs Crusaders May 30 2014 full

Sharks vs Brumbies Mar 23 2014  full


Highlanders vs Bulls  April 18 2014 full

Highlanders vs Hurricanes  Mar 26 2014 full

Highlanders  vs Blues Feb 22 2014  Highlights  8 min


Blues vs Chiefs July 11 2014 full

Blues vs Crusaders Feb 28 2014 Highlights 8 mins

Reds vs Cheetahs Mar 8 2014 Highlights 8 mins

Crusaders vs Chiefs Feb 23 2014  full


Chiefs vs Stormers Mar 14 2014 Highlights 10 mins

Rebels vs Cheetahs Feb 28 2014 Highlights 7 mins

Hurricanes vs Brumbies Mar 7 2014 Highlights 7 mins


Lions vs Blues  Mar 26 2014   full

Blues vs Cheetahs   Mar 26 2014    full

Hurricanes vs Cheetahs   Mar 20 2014   full

Rebels vs Cheetahs   Mar 6 2014    full


South Africa vs Wales test 1 Highlights June 14 2014  5 min

South Africa vs Wales  test 1  June 14 2014 full

South Africa vs Wales  test 2   June 22 2014  full

South Africa vs Scotland  test 3  June 29 2014  full

South Africa vs Australia Sept 28 2013 full

South Africa vs Fiji Mar 24 2014 rugby 7’s Highlights 4 min

South Africa  vs NZ  rugby 7’s Jan 26 2014 Highlights 3 min

South Africa vs NZ  Sept 21 2013 full

South Africa vs Argentina  Aug 27 2013  full


USA vs Scotland  June 8 2014  full

USA vs Canada  June 23 2014 full


Australia vs France   June 19  2014  full


Argentina vs Ireland  test 1  June 7 2014  full

Argentina vs Ireland  test 2  Jun 15 2014   full


Ireland vs Italy  Mar 9 2014  full


France vs Ireland  Mar 16 2014  full


Wales vs France  Feb 21 2014  full


Scotland vs Italy  Feb 13 2013  full


Australia vs France  test 3   June 21 2014  full


Canada vs Scotland   June 15 2014  full


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Favourite Love Songs by Frank Sinatra

Frank Sinatra sang a lot of my mother’s favourite love songs, and they bring back a lot of memories of my childhood.

1. My Way

Somebody told me once that during one of Frank Sinatra’s concerts that he said he was going to sing the National Anthem, and he sang this one!

2. Just the way you look tonight

This one takes me way back to my childhood when my mother sang this at home in Greendale, Salisbury, Rhodesia. “Keep that breathless charm.”

3. New York, New York

Some years back when I sang in New York, I heard this one on the radio, and I wondered if it is one of New York’s favourite love songs, and if they play it every day there?

4. Something Stupid (with Nancy)

They sing so good together. Wow.

5. Strangers in the night – My Favourite Love Song by Frank Sinatra

I remember doing night shift at the Thornhill Air Force base in the sixties, and hearing this one on the radio.

6. South of the Border

I first heard my mother singing this one. Some years back I used to sing at Portal Village, and someone requested this song, so I borrowed a Frank Sinatra tape from the library, and learnt the words. So this became one of my favourite love songs.

7. As time goes by

I always associate this one with being at the back door of the house, and my mother singing it. I guess she was singing in the kitchen. “A case of do or die.” “The world will always welcome lovers.” So many of those words still stick in my brain. “Love songs – never out of date.” Isn’t that so true?

8. Always (and When I lost you)

I can so clearly hear my mother singing this one. As I listened to “Always” I remembered the words, so I want to check this one as one of my favourite love songs. “Things may not be fair, always.”

9. Cheek to cheek

My mother must have been a big fan, because I often heard this one.

10. Chicago – My kind of town

It looks like a pretty scary place to me!

11. For once in my life

It is so important to find someone.

12. Got you under my skin

I have often heard this one on the radio.

13. Begin the Beguine

Here’s another one my mother used to sing.

14. Night and day

As I was getting these songs ready, it struck me how romantic his songs are.

15. It had to be you

It had to be you even with your faults. We all have them.

16. I’ll be seeing you

Years ago I played in an old timers band and this was one of them that they used to play.

17. I wish you love

The words are so lovely.

18. Summer Wind

I remember riding in the taxi and hearing this one.

19. You make me feel so young

Wow. What lovely words.

20. You’ll never walk alone

Frank Sinatra singing for George Bush.

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