Favourite Love Songs by Buck Owens

Buck Owens was not on the hit parade in my country, but I saw him on TV in America, in a show called Hee Haw. However, he does sing some of my favourite love songs.

1. Together again (with Don Rich)

Lovely music.

2. Streets of Bakersfield

I have never been there.

3. Tiger by the tail

I remember hearing this song on the radio in Bulawayo during the 60’s, but I never knew it was Buck Owens singing it.

4. Act naturally

I heard my brother singing this song, and I think he heard it from the Beatles. It was only when we came to North America, that I found out that it was Buck Owens who did it before the Beatles. This too, is one of my favourite love songs.

5. My heart skips a beat

Girls can do crazy things to mens hearts.

6. Under your spell again

Sometimes a little girl can twist a big man around her little finger.

7. Loves gonna live here

I remember lending a tape of this song from the library. One of my favourite loves songs by Mr. Buck Owens.

8. Don’t let her know

He is forcing his mouth to smile. I had to do a photo shoot once after getting a bad letter from my ex girlfriend, and I found it so difficult to try and smile for the camera.

9. Crying time – My Favourite Love Song by Buck Owens

I heard this one on Martin Locke’s radio programme from England, back in the 60’s, and it is still one of my favourite love songs. Thank you Mr. Buck Owens.

10. Open up your heart

Let my love come in.

11. I don’t care just as long as you love me

It looks like this is taken from the Hee Haw Show.

12. Before you go

He still loves her.

13. Put a quarter in the juke box

The juke box is a big thing in some places in the States.

14. Dust on Mother’s Bible

This is posted to make you think about your Mother and how you need to get your life right with God old chap!

I also have a gospel website, if you would like to check it out: countrygospelandbible.com

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