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Comedy Songs

My old man’s a dustman This is the first comedy song I ever heard on the radio, when I was a teenager. I wanted to buy the record, but my Dad got very upset and said I couldn’t. He was … Continue reading

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Favourite Love Songs for Weddings

Hi. I have made a list of my favourite love songs for weddings, and I hope you find it helpful if you are planning to get married. Back in the sixty’s I sang a song at my cousin’s marriage called … Continue reading

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Favourite Romantic Love Songs

I have about 50 Favourite Romantic Love Songs, and I will list some of them here. Most of these I know off by heart, but I might slip up on a few words here and there. Sometimes I change words … Continue reading

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Hit Instrumentals

When I was young there were a lot of hit songs that were just instrumentals, so I have decided to share some of them with you. Wheels by The String-a-Longs Here is a swinging little song. I used to know … Continue reading

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The British Invasion

In North America I have heard the term “British Invasion” meaning the time when singers like the Beatles and the Rolling Stones dominated the pop charts. I was in Bulawayo (Africa) at the time, and would like to share with … Continue reading

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Stuart Hamblen

This Old House To me, Stuart Hamblen is one of the great modern gospel singers and songwriters. Many years ago I had a record of Jimmy Dean singing this song, and he said that Stuart and a buddy got caught … Continue reading

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Dream Love Songs

Baby Maybe “Baby maybe I’m dreaming.” My wife sent me this song of Liona Boyd some time back, and she really loves it. It is beautifully romantic. It is much better than all the news of war and killing that … Continue reading

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Favourite Love Songs by Buddy Holly

Most of the favourite love songs by Buddy Holly that I had listed here were deleted from the internet, so I just have a few left. Peggy Sue When I was a teenager I knew a girl by the name … Continue reading

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South African Comedy

Jeremy Taylor – Lift girls lament Jeremy used to write and sing a lot of fun songs. I remember one song about taking his horse to town, and the policeman stuck a parking ticket on the horses bum. Al Debbo … Continue reading

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Snackman I am putting this in the comedy section because I found this man so funny. This guy is a hero who helped break up a fight on the subway, and when he is asked by the lady on the … Continue reading

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