Favourite love songs by Janey Kirk

I came across Janey Kirk the other day, and she sings a lot of my favourite love songs. She is sometimes joined by her daughter Carla and other people in her performances. She seems to be a vibrant personality, and I hope you enjoy these selections.

  1. Am I that easy to forget
  2. Country Roads – with Carla
  3. Don’t break the heart that loves you
  4. Don’t forget to remember me
  5. Don’t play that song again
  6. Heartaches by the number
  7. I can’t help it if I’m still in love with you – Favourite love song by Janey Kirk
  8. I really don’t want to know
  9. If you love me let me know – with Carla
  10. I’ll never fall in love again
  11. I’ll never find another you
  12. It keeps right on a hurting
  13. Jealous heart
  14. Let me be there
  15. Let your love flow – with Carla
  16. Little arrows – with Leapy Lee – I remember this favourite love song being at the top of the hit parade in Rhodesia back in the 60’s.
  17. Make the world go away – with Rose Marie
  18. Mocking bird hill
  19. Mona Lisa
  20. Mother of mine – with Carla
  21. One day at a time – with Lena Martell
  22. Remember you’re mine
  23. Rose of San Antone
  24. Scotland forever
  25. Sea of heartbreak
  26. Send me the pillow – This is still one of my favourite love songs.
  27. Silver threads among the gold
  28. Suspicious minds
  29. Teach your children – with Carla
  30. Where the boys are
  31. You win again

I hope you have enjoyed some of these favourite love songs by Janey Kirk, and for those in her country, I hope you are still enjoying attending her performances.

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