Favourite love songs by Trini Lopez

When I was a teenager I loved listening to a record by Trini Lopez as he sang favourite love songs to a “live”audience. With a “live” audience, I knew that what I was listening to was the “real thing!” I longed to be able to be like him, and sang some of the same songs.

  1. A taste of Honey
  2. America “live” 1963
  3. And we were lovers
  4. Are you sincere?
  5. Around the world
  6. Baby, the rain must fall
  7. Beautiful brown eyes
  8. Blowing in the wind
  9. Blue velvet
  10. Bye Bye Blackbird (recorded “live” at PJ’s 1963)
  11. Bye Bye Love (recorded “live”)
  12. Chantilly Lace
  13. Cotton fields
  14. Crazy arms
  15. Devil woman
  16. Don’t let the sun catch you crying
  17. Don’t let your sweet love die
  18. Don’t think twice
  19. Down by the riverside
  20. Fever
  21. Fly like an eagle – official music video
  22. Fly me to the moon
  23. Four strong winds
  24. Gentle on my mind
  25. Gonna get along without Ya now
  26. Gotta travel on, Marianne, Down by the riverside, When the saints, Volare (recorded “live” at PJ’s)
  27. Green, green – My favourite love song by Trini Lopez – (recorded live at PJ’s 1963)
  28. Green, green grass of home
  29. Greenback dollar
  30. Hello Dolly
  31. I got a woman
  32. I will wait for you
  33. If
  34. If I had a hammer “live” with Andre Rieu
  35. If you want to be happy (recorded “live”)
  36. I’m coming home, Cindy
  37. I’m grateful
  38. I wanna be free
  39. Kansas City (recorded “live” at PJ’s)
  40. Kansas City “Live “ video , black and white
  41. Leaving on a jet plane
  42. Lemon tree
  43. Let’s think about living
  44. “Live” at Cal State – 1 hour
  45. “LIVE” at PJ’s 1963
  46. “LIVE” in Australia 1968 – 56 minutes
  47. “LIVE” Medley of songs – Netherlands
  48. Lonely weekends
  49. Love letters
  50. Master Jack
  51. Marianne
  52. Michael rowed the boat ashore
  53. Moon River
  54. Oh, lonesome me (recorded “live” at PJ’s 1963)
  55. Once a day
  56. Only in my dreams
  57. Our day will come
  58. People
  59. Personality
  60. Pretty eyes
  61. Rambling man
  62. Return to me
  63. Scarlet ribbons
  64. Side by side
  65. Sinner man
  66. Smile
  67. Strangers in the night
  68. Sunshine Superman and Cry like a baby
  69. Tammy
  70. The Bramble bush
  71. The letter
  72. The lonesome road
  73. The 32nd of May
  74. There’s a kind of hush
  75. Trini Lopez and Sha Na Na
  76. Trini Lopez and the Everly Brothers – medley
  77. This land is your land (Recorded “live”)
  78. This little girl of mine (“live” recording)
  79. This train
  80. Unchain my heart
  81. Walk right in
  82. We’ll sing in the sunshine
  83. What’d I say (recorded “live” at PJ’s 1963)
  84. When the saints come marching in
  85. Where can my baby be?
  86. Windy
  87. Yes you do
  88. Yesterday
  89. You are my sunshine
  90. You are my sunshine (beginner line dance)
  91. You are my sunshine (beginner line dance) Korea
  92. You are my sunshine (line dance beginner level)
  93. You know
  94. You talk too much
  95. You’ll never know
  96. Your ever changing mind Lots of these favourite love songs bring back so many memories as Trini Lopez sings them. Be happy.
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