Favourite love songs by Lance James

I saw Lance James at the Middelburg Show many years ago. He was talking about the bad guy who stole the other guy’s girlfriend in the Tennessee Waltz. Here are some favourite love songs that he sings, hope you like them. I just saw today on the Four Jacks and a Jill Facebook page that Lance has just moved on. R.I.P.

  1. Adios amigo
  2. Ballad of the green berets
  3. Blue Spanish eyes
  4. Coward of the county
  5. Distant drums One of my favourite love songs.
  6. Don’t let me cross over
  7. Faded love
  8. Good hearted woman
  9. He stopped loving her today
  10. Heaven is my woman’s love
  11. I love you more each day
  12. Mamas don’t let your babies grow up to be cowboys
  13. No charge
  14. One pair of hands Lance James also sings gospel songs, and if you would like to hear more you are welcome to visit one of my other websites: Country gospel and Bible
  15. Please help me I’m falling
  16. Stand beside me – with Barbara Ray
  17. Tennessee waltz
  18. That silver haired Daddy of mine
  19. The most beautiful girl – One of my favourite love songs by Lance James
  20. To all the girls I’ve loved before – with Rian Ungerer
  21. Your cheating heart
  22. You’re my best friend I have done these favourite love songs in alphabetical order so that I can add more of Lance James’ songs later. Happy trails to you.
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