Mary Duff – Favourite love songs

Mary Duff sings some of my favourite love songs from a long time ago. There are others that I have never heard before. I hope you enjoy them!

  1. Beautiful Meath
  2. Can I sleep in your arms
  3. Country roads take me home There is something about this favourite love song that just tugs at the heart.
  4. Dear God
  5. Fields of Athenry
  6. Going home
  7. Heartaches by the number – My favourite love song by Mary Duff I used to sing this song a lot when I was young.
  8. How great Thou art To me this is one of the holiest worship songs ever. It is important to love God first, then your neighbour too!
  9. I’ll be your San Antone rose
  10. Jealous heart I used to play this favourite love song in my taxi, and one woman cried and said it is so true. I took her from a woman’s shelter to another city.
  11. Just loving you
  12. Lipstick on your collar
  13. Making believe
  14. My boy Lollipop
  15. Nearer my God to Thee
  16. One bird on the wing
  17. Patsy Cline songs – Sweet dreams about you, Faded love, Walking after midnight, I fall to pieces, Rich man’s gold, Crazy.
  18. Power of love
  19. Red is the rose
  20. She broke her promise
  21. Silver and gold
  22. There is a place
  23. Till I waltz again with you
  24. Till the white rose blooms again
  25. Turn back the years
  26. Voice of an angel
  27. When Irish eyes are smiling My grandmother always used to sing this song.
  28. Where would that leave me
  29. Whispering hope – with Daniel O’Donnell
  30. Will You walk with me
  31. Working man
  32. Yellow roses
  33. You are so far away I hope you like these favourite love songs by Mary Duff. Love is better than hate. Please forgive all your enemies, and love them instead! I also have a gospel website if you would like to check it out:
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