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If this website will not show the comic, you will find it on this website: Beloved, we are living in the end times and this is very serious stuff. We must have all our sins covered by the blood of Jesus and our names written in the Book of Life.

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Al Debbo – Favourite love songs

Al Debbo sing baai mooi en maak my lag.

1. Die brake van Turffontein

Dit is een van my favourite love songs wat ek self sing.

2. Sonbrilletjies

Dis ‘n spoof van die liedjie ‘Sunglasses.’

3. Baas Jack – Al Debbo – favourite love song

Dit laat my dink aan die lied ‘Master Jack.’

4. Alibama

5. Bolandse Nooientjie

Hy praat soos Winston Churchill. Die groot talent van Al Debbo.

6. Saans as die sterre

Hierdie is ‘n liefdesliedjie wat hy vir sy vrou sing.

7. O die koeitjie

8. Love came to stay

9. Dis lekker om te lewe

Ek glo saam met Al Debbo. Dit is nou een van my favourite love songs!

10. Jy’s  myne elke dag van die maand

11. Hasie

A favourite love song about a rabbit. The other day a lady asked me this question: “What do you get when you pour hot water down a rabbit hole?” The answer is at the bottom of this section.

12. Gebed

13. Alles sal regkom – rolprent

14. Hier’s ons weer – rolprent

Ek hoop u het hierdie liedjies (favourite love songs) van Al Debbo geniet.

The answer to song number 11 is: A hot cross bunny!


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Favorite love songs by Eve Boswell

Here is Eve Boswell singing a few old time favourite love songs, in many different languages.

1. Sarie Marais

2. Mama ek wil ‘n man hê

3. Boegoeberg se dam is ‘n lekker lekker dam

4. Rooi Rose Wals

5. Die Alibama

6. Pickin’ a chicken and Sugar Bush – “live” – My favourite love song by Eve Boswell

7. Pickin’ a chicken

I came across Jim Reeves singing this song, and then I found Eve Boswell singing it too. I heard this song when I was little, and remember being in our friends yard singing it. It brings back all those memories of Greendale, in Salisbury, Rhodesia.

8. Sugar Bush – Suikerbossie

9. As time goes by

This was one of my mother’s favourite love songs. I heard her singing it many times when I was little.

10. Young and foolish

11. Keeping cool with lemonade

12. Stop whistling wolf & Where in the world is Billy

13. Blue star

14. The little shoemaker

15. Cookie

16. I’ll be seeing you

She pulls at the heart strings here with this old war time song.

17. I’ll walk alone

18. A little on the lonely side

19. I’ll buy that dream

20. I know why

21. There – I’ve said it again

This was another one of my mother’s favourite love songs.

22. She said

23. Sentimental  journey

I used to play in an old timers band in Johannesburg, and Alan used to play this one on his harmonica. It was his favorite love song.

24. Tra La La

25. You’re my thrill

26. Once in a while

27. Moon above Malaya – with lyrics

28. Rock – bobbin’ boats

29. Come back my love

30. If you love me (I won’t care) – (l’hymne à l’amour)

31. Do (Jo)

32. Amor, amor

33. Besame Mucho

34. Willy-Lilly-Rock-A-Billy – in German

35. Carolina Moon – in German

36. Bridge of Avignon

37. Liebes telefon

38. Cantez, chantez

39. Melodie D’amour

40. Come go with me – in German

41. Gypsy moon – in Hungarian

42. Autumn leaves – in French

43. Magisch, Magisch – in German (Magical moments)

44. Venga, Venga, Venga, Caballero

45. Labajana

46. Spatzenhausen – Katzenhausen – (The Loudenboomer Bird)

47. l’hymne à l’amour – (If you love, I won’t care)

48. Wenn du mich nicht liebst – (If you don’t love me)

49. Gib doch nicht so an – (Putting on the style)

50. Auf Wiedersehen, My Dear – in German

51. Der Tingel-Tangel-Tom

Eve Boswell was ‘n legendariese Suid-Afrikaanse sangeres en sang-onderwyseres. Sy het wel Afrikaans gesing, maar sy is nie in Suid-Afrika gebore nie. Sy is deur kennisse en bekendes in die musiekwêreld as die volmaakte kunstenaar beskryf.

Sy het veral in die jare veertig tot sestig bekendheid verwerf met treffers soos Sugar Bush, Blue Star, Pickin’ a Chicken’ en It’s a Breeze. Sy was wêreldbekend en het in 1953 by die Royal Variety Show in Londen opgetree. Sy het ook op die Ed Sullivan Show in Amerika verskyn en het die Five Past Eight Show in Glasgow, Skotland, aangebied. Sy kon in enige taal sing en was een van daardie wonderlike kunstenaars wat geglo het die vertoning moet altyd voortgaan.

She was born Eva Keleti, in Budapest, in 1924, the only daughter of a professional pair who toured the world with their musical act. Educated in Lausanne, Switzerland, she studied classical piano at the famous Lausanne Academy before joining her parents as a teenager. The act changed its name to the Three Hugos and as such made its debut in a Paris night-club.

When the Second World War was declared in September 1939, the act was on tour in England. The family was classified as alien, so, taking a job with the Boswell Circus, they promptly departed for a tour of South Africa. Here Trevor McIntosh, the son of the owner, taught her to speak English, and the two fell in love. In time they married.

It was Trevor who encouraged her to sing and to change her name to Eve Boswell, after the circus. Soon she could be heard over South African radio singing with Roy Martin and his dance band from the Coconut Grove in Johannesburg. Adrian Foley (Lord Foley), a pianist and composer working in South Africa after the war, liked her voice. Alan Dell, the disc-jockey who was a local radio producer at that time, made some private recordings of her and Foley took them to London to play to prospective publishers.

Geraldo (Gerald Bright), then the top dance band leader, heard them, liked them and sent Eve a telegram offering her three month’s work. Eve, Trevor and their small son Michael promptly sold up their African homestead and sailed for England. She opened with Geraldo at the Blackpool Winter Gardens on 1 June 1949. At the end of her first week Geraldo cancelled her contract and gave her a new one for a whole year. In the end she stayed with him for more than two years.

In July 1950, while Geraldo and his band were playing for holidaymakers aboard the Queen Mary, she returned to South Africa for a working holiday, and also supplied the singing voice for the Hollywood star Vera-Ellen in her British film Happy Go Lovely (1950). This would turn out to be her only brush with the cinema.

She parted with Geraldo in January 1952 and with her husband as her manager launched herself on a solo career. Her first true hit came in August 1952, “Sugar Bush”, with its chorus of “Oh we’re never not gonna go home, we won’t go” and the extra gimmick of the closing chorus being sung in Afrikaans. In 1956 she released her first LP, Sugar and Spice, on which she sang 10 songs in nine different languages. She toured regularly and also appeared on television frequently.

The rock ‘n’ roll revolution of the 60’s, with its basic beat, resulted in her gradually fading from public view. She died in Durban, South Africa, on 13 August 1998.

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Favourite love songs by Skeeter Davis

When I was young I heard Skeeter Davis on the radio with her big hit song: ‘The end of the world.’ That song has been in my mind the rest of my life, but it was not one of my favourite love songs because it was so sad.  With the internet now, I find lots of songs she sings that are my favourite love songs, and I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

1. Walking the floor over you

I first heard a part of this song by Jim Reeves.

2. My heart skips a beat

This is a Buck Owens song, but when I was in Rhodesia, I had never heard his name. Apparently in America, he was the most popular country singer at that time.

3. Somebody loves you – My Favourite love song by Skeeter Davis

I heard this song on the radio in Bulawayo when I was young, but I didn’t know who sang it. It is only now, about 60 years later, that I discover that this song was on the flip side of her big hit: ‘The end of the world.’

4. He’ll have to stay

This was Skeeter Davis’ reply to The big Jim Reeves hit: ‘He’ll have to go.’

5. My last date

This is Skeeter Davis’ song on the big Floyd Cramer hit: ‘The last date.’

6. I will follow him

7. Silver threads and golden needles

8. Tell Tommy I miss him

This is another one of her ‘answer’ songs.

9. I can’t help you, I’m falling too

Another ‘answer’ song.

10. The end of the world

Grand Old Opry.

11. It wasn’t God who made honky tonk angels

This was a big hit for Kitty Wells.

12. Your cheating heart

13. My shoes keep walking back to you

14. Cabin on the hill

I have a song by the same title that I wrote in Johannesburg in about 1990, but I had never heard of her song until now.

15. I walk the line

Apparently this was a big hit for Johnny Cash, but when I was young, I heard it on the radio by Connie Francis, and I had never heard of Johnny Cash. It seems like most of the singers in America sing other people’s hit songs on their LP records in order to fill up the song quota.

16. Oh lonesome me

I was singing this song in Bulawayo, but I had never heard of Don Gibson, who wrote it!

17. Don’t forget to remember me

18. My happiness

It seems like all the singers sing this song. I heard it first by my mother! This is also one of my favourite love songs.

19. It only hurt for a little while

This is a very sad song, and I have heard it on the radio here in Canada, but heartaches are very real.

20. You’ve got a friend

21. Always on my mind

22. Blueberry Hill

23. I really want you to know

This is another ‘answer’ song. I remember hearing Jim Reeves sing: ‘How many arms have held you?’

24. Help me make it through the night

25. True love ways

This is an old Buddy Holly song. In Africa, I had never heard of Buddy Holly, but we had a record of ‘Oh Boy’ by The Crickets. I didn’t know he was part of The Crickets until I came to North America!

26. Am I that easy to forget

27. Don’t let me cross over

This was a big hit in Rhodesia for Jim Reeves, but he copied it from other singers in America. They all copy from each other!

28. Send me the pillow that you dream on

29. Crying time

30. I still miss someone

31. I will

32. We could – with Porter Wagoner

33. Have I told you lately that I love you – with Portr Wagoner

I first heard this favourite love song by my mother when I was a little chicken!

34. Gonna find me a bluebird – with Porter Wagoner

I heard this song in Bulawayo by Charles Jacobie.

35. Above and beyond – with Porter Wagoner

Porter Wagoner was a big time singer in America, but I never heard of him while growing up in Rhodesia.

36. In the misty moonlight – with Bobby Bare

Bobby Bare had a big hit in Rhodesia with the song: ‘Detroit City.’

37. A Dear John letter – with Bobby Bare

38. Let it be me – with Bobby Bare

39. Together again – with Bobby Bare

40. Please help me I’m falling – with Teddy Nelson

41. Here’s the answer

This is a full album of her ‘answer’ songs.

42. It’s different now

Skeeter Davis also sings a lot of gospel songs. I have a whole bunch of them on my gospel site, if you would like to check it out: Country Gospel and Bible.

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Favourite love songs by Min Shaw – Gunsteling liefdesliedjies

I first heard Min Shaw in the late sixties at the Bulawayo Trade Fair. She sang and danced on the stage, with a long pony tail that waved all over the place. Many years later I discovered she was very famous in South Africa.

1. Once upon a time – favourite love song by Min Shaw

2. Jy is my Liefling – Gunsteling liefdesliedjies

Ek het ‘n plaat gehad waar Jim Reeves hierdie lied gesing het.

3. Ek is baie lief vir jou

Ek sien dat die meeste van haar liede is alles in Afrikaans. Ek hoop u sal hulle geniet.

4. Stap saam met my deur die land van son

5. Ek bring my liefde aan jou

6. Ou klavier

7. Strandskulpies

Pearly shells is one of my favourite love songs.

8. Mag ek hierdie droom

9. My blonde visserman

10. Ons huweliksdag

11. Oukraalliedjie – met Gert van Tonder en Sias Reinecke

Jare gelede het ‘n ou tannie my hierdie lied geleer. Ek het vir haar kitaar lesse gegee, en sy het baie outydse liede gesing.

12. Die Heidelied – met Ge Korsten

13. Onthou jy nog – met Lance James

14. Lente in Switzerland – met Lance James

15. As ek in jou oe kyk – met Lance James

16. Bloodrooi die rose – met Lance James

17. Min Shaw – 50 jaar van liefling sing

18. Swerwerslied – met Lance James

19. In die skadu van ou Tafelberg – met Frans Marx

20. Vaarvel aan jou – met lance James

21. Ek wandel met Hom

Liewe Min, ons is baie jammer om uit te vind dat u man oorlede is. Mag Die Here saam met u wandel en troos. Met liefde Elize en Don.

Ek het ook ‘n evangelie webwerf as u daarin belangstel: Country gospel and Bible

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Jude – Bible comic

I also have other websites, if this website will not show the comic, you can find it on this website:


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How to Craft a Story by Smartryk Foster


For every song you hear and every movie that you see, there is a writer behind the scenes that ‘starts the ball rolling’ so to speak. My son has written a book, and today I saw a printed copy for the first time. You can get this book as an electronic book (ebook) or as a printed book.

Check Smartryk Foster Publications

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Favourite love songs by John Rowles

Here are some favourite love songs by John Rowles, and I hope you enjoy my selection.

1. In the misty moonlight

I first heard this number by Jim Reeves when I was young, and that got me listening to John Rowles.

2. Oh Island in the sun

I long to be on a tropical island!

3. Cheryl Moana Marie

4. Me loving you, you loving me

5. Everything I do, I do it for you

6. You to me are everything

7. Can’t help falling in love with you

This favourite love song was a big hit for Elvis Presley.

8. One day

9. Now is the hour

10. In this life I was loved by you

11. Hold me

12. I’m not the first to say “I love you”

13. Such a good looking woman

14. River deep, mountain high

15. Once upon a time

16. A pocket full of dreams

17. The first time ever I saw your face

18. Luckenbach Texas

19. Bring him home

20. When a man loves a woman

21. Sitting on the dock of the bay

This favourite love song has a lot of meaning to me. I can’t do when ten people tell me to do!

22. You’ve lost that loving feeling

23. Wind beneath my wings “live” – One of my favourite love songs sung by John Rowles

24. My way

25. Sailing – with Dame Malvena Major “live”

26. “Live” across Australia – Elvis tribute

27. Massachusetts

28. Feel the fire

29. From a distance

30. Oh Happy Day

31. The Lord’s prayer

32. He

33. I believe

34. How great Thou art

John Rowles sure is a good singer. I am delighted that he also sings gospel songs. I also used to sing pop songs, then I switched to singing gospel songs. I also have a gospel website, if you would like to check it out, go to: Country Gospel and Bible

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Favourite love songs by Santa Vorster – Liefdesliedjies

When I was a teenager, I remember reading about Santa Vorster in the Personality magazine that we received from South Africa, and so I have discovered some of her favourite love songs on the YouTube.

1. He taught me to yodel – “live”

2. Heartaches by the number

3. That silver haired Daddy of mine

This is a favourite love song that I first heard by Jim Reeves.

4. Crystal chandeliers

5. That’s how the yodel was born

6. Cattle call

I first heard this song by Slim Whitman.

7. Ding dong polka

8. Hobo’s lullaby

9. Yodel sweet Molly

10. There’s a rainbow in every teardrop

This is a very interesting concept.

11. Swiss lullaby

12. There’s no food in this house – with Charles Jacobie

This is a very real problem in many homes around the world. I wish I had met Charles Jacobie and Santa Vorster.

13. My old guitar and me

There have been times in my life when it felt like my guitar was my best friend.

14. My friend Mr. Echo

15. Oh boy

I first heard this favourite love song by the Crickets.

16. Oh lonesome me – a favourite love song by Santa Vorster

I sang this song a lot when I was a teenager in Bulawayo. Many years later I discovered it was written by Don Gibson.

17. Skater’s yodel

18. Silver threads and golden needles

19. Nobody’s child

20. Happy birthday my Darling

Here is another one of my favourite love songs.

21. There’s a love knot in my lariat

22. I’m casting my lasso toward the sky

23. Somewhere

24. She taught me to yodel

Thank you Santa Vorster for these songs, and thanks to Tillie Ackermann  for loading them onto the YouTube.

25. That little kid sister of mine

Santa Vorster sing ook baie Afrikaanse liefdesliedjies, en ek hoop u sal van hulle geniet.

26. Vanaand verlang ek huistoe

27. Switserse bergliedjie

28. My Moeder

29. Met ‘n liefde so rein

30. Daar’s geen kos in die huis – saam met Charles Jacobie

31. In my hart sal ek jou altyd min

32. Yodel ‘n lekker lied

33. As die blou maan weer verskyn

When my blue moon turns to gold again.

34. Heidi

35. Die swerwer verlang

36. Silwermaan

37. Kabouterland

38. As die lente weer kom

Mocking bird hill.

39. Ek soek a klein liefling

Gonna buy me a bluebird.

40. Ek is joune

41. Geen vlerke het my engel

42. Liefdselied

Hi-Lili Hi-Lili Hi-Lo.

43. Nooit wil ek jou min nie

44. Oor die Drakensberge

I also have a gospel website, if you would like to check it out, go to: Country Gospel and Bible

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Favourite love songs by Vince Taylor

I only heard of Vince Taylor the other day when I heard him singing Memphis Tennessee, which is one of my favourite love songs. He seems like one of the big rockers of the early days. It is a pity his career got mixed up with drugs, otherwise he could have been one of the GREATS. His drummer said his moves were better than those of Elvis.

1. Too much

Vince Taylor sings a lot of the same songs as Elvis.

2. Trouble

Trouble in the pool room.

3. Have I told you lately that I love you – my favourite love song by Vince Taylor

I had this one on earlier, but somebody blocked the link.

4. What’d I say – “live”

5. Shakin’ all over (in colour)

6. Twenty flight rock (in colour)

7. Pledging my love

8. Sweet little sixteen

9. My Babe

10. Don’t leave me now

11. Four songs – Sweet little sixteen, Love me, Twenty flight rock, Com’on ev’rybody

I put this one on so we can hear Vince Taylor singing Com’on ev’rybody.

12. Three steps to heaven

I first heard Eddie Cochran sing this favourite love song when I was a teenager.

13. Hello Mary Lou

Here is another one of my favourite love songs.

14. Never been so blue

15. Money Honey (colour)

16. Whole lot of twisting going on

17. Tutti Frutti

18. Twenty Flight Rock

19. Be Bop a Lula

20. A hundred pounds of clay

21. Peppermint twist

22. Brand new Cadillac “live”

23. On stage 1962

24. My Baby left me

25. That’s all right mama 1981 plus interview

26. TV documentary Part 1

27. TV documentary Part 2

28. Jukebox heroes

29. That’s when your heartaches begin

30. I’m moving on

31. Long tall Sally

32. The man from El Paso

33. Danny

34. Blue suede shoes “live”

35. Blueberry Hill “live”

Vince Taylor had a very good band backing him. This is also one of my favourite love songs.

36. You’ll never walk alone

I also have a gospel website, if you would like to check it out, go to: Country Gospel and Bible


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