Cancer healed

This has nothing to do with favourite love songs, but when something wonderful happens, it feels only right to share it with others in case they are struggling with the same thing.

It is a terrible thing to hear the doctor say that you have cancer.

Our doctor wanted me to go to a far away city to have the top part of my ear cut off. I didn’t want to do that. I wanted God to heal me. I had this problem for a couple of years, but couldn’t seem to get healed. I prayed and prayed, but nothing worked. I prayed for other people too, in the hope that I could get healed. Still, nothing helped.

Then our doctor sent me to a specialist. He also said I had cancer, and wanted me to go to the far away city for radiation and chemotherapy. I didn’t want to do that either. Then our doctor called in another doctor, and he too said I had cancer, and wanted the top of my ear cut off in the far away city hospital. I didn’t feel like having part of my ear cut off. I would look like a real dork!

When our doctor first checked me she also felt under my ears to see if it had gone into my lymph glands. I had read a book by Esther Williams some years earlier about how her husband had a problem that went into his lymph glands, and he died about two weeks later. So it could be serious. Still, I wanted God to heal me.

Some years earlier, I had a comb with a metal clip on it so that it would be able to clip on my top pocket. I don’t know where I got the comb, but one time when I combed my ear it must have cut my skin. The cut didn’t seem to heal up. I used to love going to the swimming pool, but I saw a sign saying that you are not allowed in the pool if you have an open sore. So I had to quit going to the pool. That was very disappointing, as I loved diving off the spring board and cooling off in the summer.

This ear problem went on for a number of years. I didn’t know what to do about my problem, but kept hoping God would heal me. I have had a few healings before, so I knew God could heal me, if He wanted to. When I was young, I had a cracked spine, and I got healed. Then I had eczema in my feet, and got healed of that big problem too. My cracked spine got healed six years after the car accident by claiming that “With the stripes of Jesus I am healed.” Instantly the pain left my spine. When I had the eczema problem I kept making the same claim, but it didn’t work. After six months, I made a promise to pray for the sick in my meetings, and then I got healed on the very first night that I prayed for the sick people. I tried both these things on my cancer, but still, I couldn’t get healed.

Then one morning in church, the lady leading the song service said something like this: “Instead of praying for healing all the time, let’s just thank the Lord for healing.” The Holy Spirit seemed to take those words and burn them on my heart. When I got home, I went to the Bible Gateway program on my computer and typed in the word “thank” in the King James Version of the Bible, to find all the verses on the subject. I think I found 132 verses about giving thanks. One verse in particular, seemed to stand out to me: “Giving thanks always for all things unto God and the Father in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.” (Ephesians 5, 20)

I have to use tricks to help me memorize the verse: Giving thanks always = GTA = Greater Toronto Area. So I think of it as ‘Toronto FAT’ to help me to remember. When I count on my fingers, E is the fifth letter in the alphabet, which reminds me of Ephesians chapter five, and I have twenty finger and toes, to remind me of the verse twenty. So I will never forget where it is found! It felt like the Holy Spirit kept working on me with the words “ALL THINGS.” Now that I am old, I keep looking back over my life, with so much regret over all the mistakes I have made, and all the things that have gone wrong in my life. The idea of giving thanks for ‘ALL THINGS’ seemed crazy! What about all the bad things? All the bad things that have happened to me, all the times people have been so bad to me, and tried to kill me and hurt me, and so forth? So I had a problem with this idea of giving thanks for all the bad things. I had no problem with giving thanks for all the good things! Lots of good things have happened to me too! I struggled with this. It just wasn’t logical to thank God for all the bad things.

Sometimes ‘forgiving’ can be a problem. I have tried so many times to overcome this problem by praying and forgiving all the people that have been horrible to me. Sometimes sins and weaknesses can be a problem too. I have been down that road so many times, and asked the Lord to forgive me. Still, I wasn’t healed.

We have a park near where we live, and I love going for a walk to the park. I take it as a ‘prayer walk.’ I talk to the Lord all the way there and back. If there is no one around, I love to just swing on the swing for a few minutes. It takes me back to my childhood, and makes me happy. One day, after my swing, I got to thinking about saying a prayer of thanks. I got to thinking, it is not like gambling – I won’t lose any money! So, as I walked through the parking lot, I said a little prayer, and thanked God for ALL the things that had happened in my life! Boom! Something happened in the spirit realm! I could feel that something had happened! When we were kids we used to sing a chorus that went something like this: ‘Jesus took my burdens, and He rolled them in the sea, rolled them in the sea, rolled them in the sea, and now I am so happy, as happy as can be, For Jesus took my burdens, and He rolled, and He rolled, and He rolled, and He rolled, and He rolled them in the sea.’ That is what it felt like in my spirit. It was as if I had a big sack of burdens had rolled off my back! I remember seeing a Pilgrim’s Progress book once, with a picture of Pilgrim with a big sack on his back that rolled off.

From that moment on, my ear started healing up. After about two weeks, my ear was healed. My skin had grown over the place where the sore was. Every night when I lie in bed, I raise my hands and thank my Father in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, for healing my ear. I am so grateful to God.

It is so wonderful to be healed. There are so many sicknesses and diseases in the world, and I don’t know the answers to all the problems, but from my experiences, I think the answer is to ask God what you must do to get healed. Many times in the Bible, people had to do things to get healed. For example, Naaman had to dip in the River Jordan seven times to get healed of his leprosy.  Jesus told a man to stretch out his hand, and he got healed. Jesus put mud on a guy’s eyes and told him to wash his eyes, and he was healed of his blindness. There are many such stories in the Bible.

Since my ear got healed I have had other problems, and each time there was a different solution. So I will share with you some of these others problems that I have had, and maybe it can give you ideas of how you can get healed.

One day I had a terrible toothache in the top right hand side on my jaw. I prayed, and the pain went away! It was so simple, that I took it for granted. A few months later I had a toothache in the bottom right side of my jaw. I prayed, but the pain didn’t go away. The pain was so terrible, and wouldn’t go away, that I started taking pain tablets. When I took the pain tablets, it would take about an hour and a quarter before the pain would subside. One day my wife saw me popping the pills into my mouth, and warned me it could damage my stomach and kidneys. That scared me, so I stopped taking the pills. Afterwards, I was driving to the supermarket to get groceries, and a chorus popped into my head that I had heard many years before. It went something like this: ‘And the blood will never lose it’s power, no never, no never. Jesus’ blood avails for me forever, it will never lose it’s power.’ So I sang it over and over again.

That night we were having family time, and the tooth pain started again. So I sang the chorus, and after a few minutes, the pain went away. That night when I went to bed, the pain came back, so I sang the chorus again, and in a few minutes the pain went away. Every time the pain started, I would sing a whole lot of songs about the blood of Jesus, and the pain would go away. The blood of Jesus is more effective than the extra strength pain tablets, and it works much faster! Glory to God!

One day, I got off my computer chair, and it felt like my right leg popped out of my hip. I could hardly walk. I spent the rest of the day lying down. The next morning, I still had the problem. I kept praying for the Lord to help me and show me what I must do to get healed. I felt I needed to sing a bit. I took my guitar and hobbled down to the basement. I was struggling to stand up, but I felt I must sing and praise the Lord. A song came to my mind about the blood of Jesus that I had written many years before. It was a communion type song, and it started like this: ‘I remember You, as I take this piece of bread, I remember how Your body, was broken in my stead, I remember how, they placed a crown of thorns on Your head, and that spear went through your side, and your precious blood you shed.’

I couldn’t remember all the words, but I felt in my spirit, that I must put the song on the YouTube. So I hobbled back upstairs to my room, found the tape that I had recorded many years earlier, and transferred it onto my computer. I took a few hours of putting together pictures for the video, but eventually it was on YouTube. When I stood up from the computer chair, I was healed! Hallelujah. What a relief! Glory to God! I am so grateful for all the times that the Lord has healed me.

Beloved, I hope these stories have helped you a bit to get some ideas about how you could possibly get healed. There is only one healer, and that is the Lord. In the Bible it says: ‘I am the LORD that heals you.’ Beloved, please read the Bible, and draw close to the Lord, and I am sure the Lord will show you how you too can receive your healing. In heaven there is no sickness, and no pain. Pray for God’s will to be done on earth as it is in heaven. God bless.

I also have a gospel website. If you would like to check it out, go to: country gospel and bible.

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Favourite love songs by Maureen Moore

Maureen Moore sings a lot of my favourite love songs that I sang back in the sixties. I hope you enjoy the songs I have selected.

1. I’m the girl from Wolverton Mountain

2. Ten thousand miles

3. You belong to my heart

This is still one of my favourite love songs.

4. I love you because

When I heard this song by Jim Reeves back in the sixties, it meant so much to me.

5. I walk the line

6. I wanna sing a song

7. Be honest with me

8. Remember me

I seem to remember this favourite love song by Charles Jacobie, and imagined myself on a farm with the candles burning.

9. Words – A favourite love song by Maureen Moore

10. Dear hearts and gentle people

11. San Antonio rose

12. Room full of roses

13. Don’t break the heart that loves you

14. Say wonderful things to me

15. Detroit City

16. Broken wings

17. The middle of the night is my crying time

18. Talk back trembling lips

19. He’ll have to stay

20. Just over the line

21. Happy birthday my darling

22. Somebody loves you

Thank you Maureen Moore for your lovely singing!

23. Tennessee waltz

24. When my blue moon turns to gold again

This is still one of my favourite love songs that brings back many happy memories.

25. Mocking bird hill

26. Please don’t go

27. Making believe

28. Mom and Dad waltz

29. Vaal ou Karooland

I never actually heard of Maureen Moore when I was singing in South Africa, but I guess it was because I was into gospel music, and never listened to the radio. However, I think she deserves to be honoured as a great singer. The band also needs to receive a standing ovation! Thank you.

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Don Foster LP record – Favourite love songs

LP Its Gotta Be Love.fixed

Some years back someone criticized me, saying that it is not all ‘love songs’ that I post on this website. However, there are many different types of love. There is romantic love between people, there is love for pets, for children, for parents, etc. There is also love for God. In the Bible, it says we are supposed to love God first, then love our neighbour as we love ourselves. So here are some favourite love songs that combine love for God and love for people at the same time.

1. It’s gotta be love – a favourite love song

I wrote this song after visiting Hillbrow, Johannesburg in 1971. It looked like people were stoned on drugs sitting on the sidewalks. So many people need love. There is a shortage of love in this world.

2. Fly high

I wrote this song in Durban in 1970 after seeing a motor bike accident. I was coming back late one night from a meeting with the Full Gospel Church in Amanzimtoti, when 4 motor bikes came swerving around my car doing about 80 miles per hour. When I got to the single lane at the end of the freeway, the one bike had hit the rail and the guy had gone over the edge and landed about 40 feet down. The girl was lying on the tar near the bike. I rushed to the nearest phone and called the ambulance. It was very traumatic for me.

Some time back I had uploaded other songs from the record, but someone complained, so I took them off in case there were copyright problems. Since them I have discovered that someone else has uploaded my LP onto the YouTube, so I will put links to their site. If there is any problems with copyright, then they can ‘Face the music’ themselves.

3. Across the bridge

I had a record of Jim Reeves singing this one. I loved hearing him sing this song. It meant so much to me.

4. Are all the children in

Johnny Cash wrote and sang this song on his first gospel record. To my way of thinking, this is a tremendous love song. Many people gave their hearts to the Lord after I had sung this song in various meetings in South Africa.

5. Wings of a dove

I think I heard this song on the radio.

6. Where could I go but to the Lord

I had a record of Elvis Presley singing this one. Do you know that God loves us? Jesus said that God so loved the world that He gave His only Son so that whoever believes in Him should not perish, but have eternal life. That is good news!

7. Church in the wildwood

This song reminded me of my childhood experiences of going to Sunday School in Salisbury.

8. Don’t shake hands with the devil

I heard this song by Cowboy Copas on a record some friends had in Gwelo, when I was doing military training with the Air Force.

9. Precious memories

I often sang this song to myself while doing night shift security in the Air Force in Gwelo.

10. Jesus and me

Jesus said we must love him more than we love ourselves, and more than we love other people.

11. The Latter rain song

When I stayed with Mr. Willie Roeland in Honeydew, he came back from an overseas trip with a record by The Cameron Brothers from Scotland. This was one of the songs I learnt from them. The song was written by Roy Turner, who also wrote wonderful songs like ‘All over the world’ and ‘A dancing heart.’

12. Happiness

I bought a record in Bulawayo of some American ladies singing this song. I think it was written by Bill Gaither.

I made this record back in 1972, when I was visiting South Africa. Hennie Schoeman and his band “Selah” backed me. On the record I called them ‘Sela Sound.’ (My appologies Hennie). Playing bass guitar was Peter Hawley, and Hennie played rhythm guitar on some cuts. The singers were Kittie Schoeman, Engele Kok and Hennie Schoeman. The special effects man was Andre van Jaarsveldt from Kempton Park, who played Hawaiian guitar, mandolin and 12 string guitar on various songs. I played rhythm guitar and piano on various songs.

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Favourite love songs by Gene Rockwell

When I was a teenager in Bulawayo, I heard Gene Rockwell on the Rhodesian radio singing “Heart.” I have chosen a few favourite love songs and tried to put them in alphabetical order. I hope you like the selection.

1. Across the bridge

2. Am I losing you

This favourite love song was written by Jim Reeves.

3. Bank of love

4. Be bop a Lula

5. Busted

6. Crystal chandeliers

7. Cold, cold heart

8. Detroit City

This was a favourite love song of mine from my teenage years.

9. Four walls

10. Heart

11. Heart “live”

12. I can help

13. Lord I’d forgotten

14. My kind of woman

15. My life’s in good hands (Jesus, sweet Jesus)

16. My Mentor – Help me

17. Rosie

18. Save the last dance for me

This favourite love songs brings back memories of my girlfriend dancing with another guy while I was busy singing and playing the guitar. I got so burned up with jealousy!

19. Shame on me

20. She loves my troubles away

21. Some broken hearts never mend – A favourite love song by Gene Rockwell

I listened to him singing this one at Gold Reef City.

22. Take these chains

23. Thank you Lord

24. Then there was you

25. Wasted days and wasted nights

26. What’s wrong with my world

27. Your hand in mine

Gene Rockwell was born Gert Smit in Krugersdorp, South Africa, on the 27th December 1944 and sadly passed away on the 3rd July 1998. He won his first talent competition at the age of 15, in Durban’s Little Top. Still in his teens, he formed The Blue Angels, later to become The Falcons, in 1963, with whom he played guitar and sang his famous gritty-blues-style songs. The year 1965 saw the birth of one of the biggest ever South African pop hits. Heart made it straight to the top of the LM Radio Top 20. Backed by The Dan Hill Orchestra, the single has sold over two-and-a-half million copies. He has continued to score hits in SA ever since, though no subsequent single of his has equalled the success of Heart. In 1973 Gene Rockwell was invited to sing at the Sir Walter Raleigh Club in Vancouver, his month-long stint proving so successful, he stayed on for another two. Meanwhile, his style had changed to country music, with songs like Rosie, Busted or Torture. Gene Rockwell’s contribution to the SA Music Industry was honoured in 1976 when he was awarded The Shure Golden Microphone Award. He is now a legend in South African pop and country music.

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Revelation in pictures – Bible Comics

If this website will not show the comic, you will find it on this website: Beloved, we are living in the end times and this is very serious stuff. We must have all our sins covered by the blood of Jesus and our names written in the Book of Life.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 61 62 63 64 65 66 67 68 69 70 71 72 73 74 75 76 77 78 79 80 81 82 83 84 85 86 87 88 89 90 91 92 93 94 95 96 97 98 99 100 101 102 103 104 105 106 107 108 109 110 111 112 113 114 115 116 117 118 119 120 121 122 123 124 125 126 127 128 129 130 131 132 133 134 135 136 137 138 139 140 141

145 146 147 148 149 150 151 152 153 154 155 156 157 158 159 160 161 162 163 164 165 166 167 168 169 170 171 172 173 174 175 176 177 178 179

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Al Debbo – Favourite love songs

Al Debbo sing baai mooi en maak my lag.

1. Die brake van Turffontein

Dit is een van my favourite love songs wat ek self sing.

2. Sonbrilletjies

Dis ‘n spoof van die liedjie ‘Sunglasses.’

3. Baas Jack – Al Debbo – favourite love song

Dit laat my dink aan die lied ‘Master Jack.’

4. Alibama

5. Bolandse Nooientjie

Hy praat soos Winston Churchill. Die groot talent van Al Debbo.

6. Saans as die sterre

Hierdie is ‘n liefdesliedjie wat hy vir sy vrou sing.

7. O die koeitjie

8. Love came to stay

9. Dis lekker om te lewe

Ek glo saam met Al Debbo. Dit is nou een van my favourite love songs!

10. Jy’s  myne elke dag van die maand

11. Hasie

A favourite love song about a rabbit. The other day a lady asked me this question: “What do you get when you pour hot water down a rabbit hole?” The answer is at the bottom of this section.

12. Gebed

13. Alles sal regkom – rolprent

14. Hier’s ons weer – rolprent

Ek hoop u het hierdie liedjies (favourite love songs) van Al Debbo geniet.

The answer to song number 11 is: A hot cross bunny!


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Favorite love songs by Eve Boswell

Here is Eve Boswell singing a few old time favourite love songs, in many different languages.

1. Sarie Marais

2. Mama ek wil ‘n man hê

3. Boegoeberg se dam is ‘n lekker lekker dam

4. Rooi Rose Wals

5. Die Alibama

6. Pickin’ a chicken and Sugar Bush – “live” – My favourite love song by Eve Boswell

7. Pickin’ a chicken

I came across Jim Reeves singing this song, and then I found Eve Boswell singing it too. I heard this song when I was little, and remember being in our friends yard singing it. It brings back all those memories of Greendale, in Salisbury, Rhodesia.

8. Sugar Bush – Suikerbossie

9. As time goes by

This was one of my mother’s favourite love songs. I heard her singing it many times when I was little.

10. Young and foolish

11. Keeping cool with lemonade

12. Stop whistling wolf & Where in the world is Billy

13. Blue star

14. The little shoemaker

15. Cookie

16. I’ll be seeing you

She pulls at the heart strings here with this old war time song.

17. I’ll walk alone

18. A little on the lonely side

19. I’ll buy that dream

20. I know why

21. There – I’ve said it again

This was another one of my mother’s favourite love songs.

22. She said

23. Sentimental  journey

I used to play in an old timers band in Johannesburg, and Alan used to play this one on his harmonica. It was his favorite love song.

24. Tra La La

25. You’re my thrill

26. Once in a while

27. Moon above Malaya – with lyrics

28. Rock – bobbin’ boats

29. Come back my love

30. If you love me (I won’t care) – (l’hymne à l’amour)

31. Do (Jo)

32. Amor, amor

33. Besame Mucho

34. Willy-Lilly-Rock-A-Billy – in German

35. Carolina Moon – in German

36. Bridge of Avignon

37. Liebes telefon

38. Cantez, chantez

39. Melodie D’amour

40. Come go with me – in German

41. Gypsy moon – in Hungarian

42. Autumn leaves – in French

43. Magisch, Magisch – in German (Magical moments)

44. Venga, Venga, Venga, Caballero

45. Labajana

46. Spatzenhausen – Katzenhausen – (The Loudenboomer Bird)

47. l’hymne à l’amour – (If you love, I won’t care)

48. Wenn du mich nicht liebst – (If you don’t love me)

49. Gib doch nicht so an – (Putting on the style)

50. Auf Wiedersehen, My Dear – in German

51. Der Tingel-Tangel-Tom

Eve Boswell was ‘n legendariese Suid-Afrikaanse sangeres en sang-onderwyseres. Sy het wel Afrikaans gesing, maar sy is nie in Suid-Afrika gebore nie. Sy is deur kennisse en bekendes in die musiekwêreld as die volmaakte kunstenaar beskryf.

Sy het veral in die jare veertig tot sestig bekendheid verwerf met treffers soos Sugar Bush, Blue Star, Pickin’ a Chicken’ en It’s a Breeze. Sy was wêreldbekend en het in 1953 by die Royal Variety Show in Londen opgetree. Sy het ook op die Ed Sullivan Show in Amerika verskyn en het die Five Past Eight Show in Glasgow, Skotland, aangebied. Sy kon in enige taal sing en was een van daardie wonderlike kunstenaars wat geglo het die vertoning moet altyd voortgaan.

She was born Eva Keleti, in Budapest, in 1924, the only daughter of a professional pair who toured the world with their musical act. Educated in Lausanne, Switzerland, she studied classical piano at the famous Lausanne Academy before joining her parents as a teenager. The act changed its name to the Three Hugos and as such made its debut in a Paris night-club.

When the Second World War was declared in September 1939, the act was on tour in England. The family was classified as alien, so, taking a job with the Boswell Circus, they promptly departed for a tour of South Africa. Here Trevor McIntosh, the son of the owner, taught her to speak English, and the two fell in love. In time they married.

It was Trevor who encouraged her to sing and to change her name to Eve Boswell, after the circus. Soon she could be heard over South African radio singing with Roy Martin and his dance band from the Coconut Grove in Johannesburg. Adrian Foley (Lord Foley), a pianist and composer working in South Africa after the war, liked her voice. Alan Dell, the disc-jockey who was a local radio producer at that time, made some private recordings of her and Foley took them to London to play to prospective publishers.

Geraldo (Gerald Bright), then the top dance band leader, heard them, liked them and sent Eve a telegram offering her three month’s work. Eve, Trevor and their small son Michael promptly sold up their African homestead and sailed for England. She opened with Geraldo at the Blackpool Winter Gardens on 1 June 1949. At the end of her first week Geraldo cancelled her contract and gave her a new one for a whole year. In the end she stayed with him for more than two years.

In July 1950, while Geraldo and his band were playing for holidaymakers aboard the Queen Mary, she returned to South Africa for a working holiday, and also supplied the singing voice for the Hollywood star Vera-Ellen in her British film Happy Go Lovely (1950). This would turn out to be her only brush with the cinema.

She parted with Geraldo in January 1952 and with her husband as her manager launched herself on a solo career. Her first true hit came in August 1952, “Sugar Bush”, with its chorus of “Oh we’re never not gonna go home, we won’t go” and the extra gimmick of the closing chorus being sung in Afrikaans. In 1956 she released her first LP, Sugar and Spice, on which she sang 10 songs in nine different languages. She toured regularly and also appeared on television frequently.

The rock ‘n’ roll revolution of the 60’s, with its basic beat, resulted in her gradually fading from public view. She died in Durban, South Africa, on 13 August 1998.

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Favourite love songs by Skeeter Davis

When I was young I heard Skeeter Davis on the radio with her big hit song: ‘The end of the world.’ That song has been in my mind the rest of my life, but it was not one of my favourite love songs because it was so sad.  With the internet now, I find lots of songs she sings that are my favourite love songs, and I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

1. Walking the floor over you

I first heard a part of this song by Jim Reeves.

2. My heart skips a beat

This is a Buck Owens song, but when I was in Rhodesia, I had never heard his name. Apparently in America, he was the most popular country singer at that time.

3. Somebody loves you – My Favourite love song by Skeeter Davis

I heard this song on the radio in Bulawayo when I was young, but I didn’t know who sang it. It is only now, about 60 years later, that I discover that this song was on the flip side of her big hit: ‘The end of the world.’

4. He’ll have to stay

This was Skeeter Davis’ reply to The big Jim Reeves hit: ‘He’ll have to go.’

5. My last date

This is Skeeter Davis’ song on the big Floyd Cramer hit: ‘The last date.’

6. I will follow him

7. Silver threads and golden needles

8. Tell Tommy I miss him

This is another one of her ‘answer’ songs.

9. I can’t help you, I’m falling too

Another ‘answer’ song.

10. The end of the world

Grand Old Opry.

11. It wasn’t God who made honky tonk angels

This was a big hit for Kitty Wells.

12. Your cheating heart

13. My shoes keep walking back to you

14. Cabin on the hill

I have a song by the same title that I wrote in Johannesburg in about 1990, but I had never heard of her song until now.

15. I walk the line

Apparently this was a big hit for Johnny Cash, but when I was young, I heard it on the radio by Connie Francis, and I had never heard of Johnny Cash. It seems like most of the singers in America sing other people’s hit songs on their LP records in order to fill up the song quota.

16. Oh lonesome me

I was singing this song in Bulawayo, but I had never heard of Don Gibson, who wrote it!

17. Don’t forget to remember me

18. My happiness

It seems like all the singers sing this song. I heard it first by my mother! This is also one of my favourite love songs.

19. It only hurt for a little while

This is a very sad song, and I have heard it on the radio here in Canada, but heartaches are very real.

20. You’ve got a friend

21. Always on my mind

22. Blueberry Hill

23. I really want you to know

This is another ‘answer’ song. I remember hearing Jim Reeves sing: ‘How many arms have held you?’

24. Help me make it through the night

25. True love ways

This is an old Buddy Holly song. In Africa, I had never heard of Buddy Holly, but we had a record of ‘Oh Boy’ by The Crickets. I didn’t know he was part of The Crickets until I came to North America!

26. Am I that easy to forget

27. Don’t let me cross over

This was a big hit in Rhodesia for Jim Reeves, but he copied it from other singers in America. They all copy from each other!

28. Send me the pillow that you dream on

29. Crying time

30. I still miss someone

31. I will

32. We could – with Porter Wagoner

33. Have I told you lately that I love you – with Portr Wagoner

I first heard this favourite love song by my mother when I was a little chicken!

34. Gonna find me a bluebird – with Porter Wagoner

I heard this song in Bulawayo by Charles Jacobie.

35. Above and beyond – with Porter Wagoner

Porter Wagoner was a big time singer in America, but I never heard of him while growing up in Rhodesia.

36. In the misty moonlight – with Bobby Bare

Bobby Bare had a big hit in Rhodesia with the song: ‘Detroit City.’

37. A Dear John letter – with Bobby Bare

38. Let it be me – with Bobby Bare

39. Together again – with Bobby Bare

40. Please help me I’m falling – with Teddy Nelson

41. Here’s the answer

This is a full album of her ‘answer’ songs.

42. It’s different now

Skeeter Davis also sings a lot of gospel songs. I have a whole bunch of them on my gospel site, if you would like to check it out: Country Gospel and Bible.

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Favourite love songs by Min Shaw – Gunsteling liefdesliedjies

I first heard Min Shaw in the late sixties at the Bulawayo Trade Fair. She sang and danced on the stage, with a long pony tail that waved all over the place. Many years later I discovered she was very famous in South Africa.

1. Once upon a time – favourite love song by Min Shaw

2. Jy is my Liefling – Gunsteling liefdesliedjies

Ek het ‘n plaat gehad waar Jim Reeves hierdie lied gesing het.

3. Ek is baie lief vir jou

Ek sien dat die meeste van haar liede is alles in Afrikaans. Ek hoop u sal hulle geniet.

4. Stap saam met my deur die land van son

5. Ek bring my liefde aan jou

6. Ou klavier

7. Strandskulpies

Pearly shells is one of my favourite love songs.

8. Mag ek hierdie droom

9. My blonde visserman

10. Ons huweliksdag

11. Oukraalliedjie – met Gert van Tonder en Sias Reinecke

Jare gelede het ‘n ou tannie my hierdie lied geleer. Ek het vir haar kitaar lesse gegee, en sy het baie outydse liede gesing.

12. Die Heidelied – met Ge Korsten

13. Onthou jy nog – met Lance James

14. Lente in Switzerland – met Lance James

15. As ek in jou oe kyk – met Lance James

16. Bloodrooi die rose – met Lance James

17. Min Shaw – 50 jaar van liefling sing

18. Swerwerslied – met Lance James

19. In die skadu van ou Tafelberg – met Frans Marx

20. Vaarvel aan jou – met lance James

21. Ek wandel met Hom

Liewe Min, ons is baie jammer om uit te vind dat u man oorlede is. Mag Die Here saam met u wandel en troos. Met liefde Elize en Don.

Ek het ook ‘n evangelie webwerf as u daarin belangstel: Country gospel and Bible

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Jude – Bible comic

I also have other websites, if this website will not show the comic, you can find it on this website:


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